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Life Force Energy DiscsFor years now, much research has been focused around the potentially harmful effects of the extremely low frequency (ELF) electromagnetic fields emitted by Cathode Ray Tubes (e.g., your television at home, or the monitor that you are using to read this document). Some researchers believe that such fields could be attributed to such conditions as leukaemia, tiredness or general fatigue. Others (e.g., Anzovin) state that in general, we are unsure on the biological effects of ELF emissions to know whether they are safe or not. Given this uncertainty, he argues that we should limit our exposure to such fields, and recommends the following precautions to minimize exposure;

Precaution What precautions can we take to minimize exposure?

  • Never sit to the side or back of a computer monitor - fields are far stronger here than in the front of a monitor.
  • Always sit at least 2 feet from your computer's monitor screen - the strength of an electromagnetic field decreases with the square of the distance from it's source.
  • Use a smaller monitor - larger monitors will release more radiation, as the screen's surface area is larger.
  • Use a monochrome, or a black and white monitor. Emissions from color monitors are around twice that of monochrome monitors.
  • Always check that a monitor conforms to the MPR 2 standard of the Swedish National Board for Measurement and Testing before purchasing. In Sweden, many cheaper brands of monitors are banned from being sold, as their field emissions are too high to conform to the requirements of the MPR 2 standard.

This range of products is designed to assist the harmonising of the energy field, as per Qi Gong & Acupuncture. The Ch'i products are in no way the replacement for sound medical advice or the treatment by a professional. Kinesiology and the Vega machine are used to ascertain the changes in the energy fields.

Although the Ch'i Energy Products are not claimed to be scientific or indeed to work according to the 'western' science model, they are however 'tuned' according to ancient principles from China and India. The energy of Ch'i or Prana is the focus of these products and therefore it is difficult to measure their responses by conventional scientific machines.

This does not mean that they are no less valuable to the researcher in this field, for which they are intended. For those of you who are interested in these modern products that use ancient techniques, you will be fascinated by an opportunity to research their energies.

Using Kinesiology we have found that the Ch'i products seem to assist the relieving of stress from the energy field (as in advanced Qi Gong) and therefore may assist the users of modern electrical appliances, such as computers, mobile phones etc. Of course we make no claims that these products reduce these fields, as would be most difficult to do, and in fact have found that the fields still exist using the Trifield™ meter (extended sensitivity model), although there seems to be a difference in the body's responses by Kinesiology muscle testing.

Tests have also been carried out using Kinesiology and challenging the Ch'i Discs with a radionically & vibrationally tuned vile of 'radiations'. We tested many products with this challenge and only the Ch'i Energy Disc would hold in a muscle test. This does not mean that there are not other products that would stand this test, just that we have not been able to verify them yet. Using vibrational vials as in radionics or homoeopathics is not new in these areas of research, and offer a greater challenge to any product claiming to 'protect' against electromagnetic fields.

There are many products claiming to protect you from these fields although this is swimming in dangerous waters, as this can only be proved by expensive scientific testing. We are currently investigating the possibility of this testing for our products and hope that we can have the pleasure of working with some qualified people in the science fields. Soon we will be working with a Russian scientist and the 'Kirlian' equipment. This is the energy imprints around the hands and fingertips and not 'aura' simulation cameras.

Again it is important to be aware of the claims made by people regarding these types of products. Claims made regarding the removal of electromagnetic fields by pseudo-science products is dangerous and uninformed. Testing such products with Kinesiology or the Listen computer, Vega machine is at best a 'model' of science and is in no way intended to be the yardstick for this area of research. We are aware of this.

Also the use of the word 'protect' is careless and implies that one could put their head in a microwave oven and be safe - this simply is not the case with these types of devices. They are intended to assist the reducing of stress around limited exposure to electromagnetic fields and not reduce the fields or cancel their existence. The reducing of these fields is still the paramount objective of serious researchers in this field, although this still allows the room for the harmonising of these fields from a bio-energetic point of view.

This area of research involves a lot of 'feeling' and sensing of energies and as such may be nonsense to the serious investigator. We are aware of this and still advertise the Ch'i Energy range of products as experimental. They may in the long run be accepted by science or medicine or on the other hand may be debunked, both of these options are fine by us on our journey of discovery. We are open to developing and in this process welcome all manner of opinions and experiences.

Did you know Did you know ....

The ancient Chinese Sages, & Healers, Tibetan Monks and Egyptian Priests used Ch'i (Qi) as part of their everyday lives and realised that without it in harmony, illness would ensue leading to the quality of life being lessened. In modern times life is more demanding and our energetic physiology needs assistance more than ever, utilise the Ch'i energy products to assist with this. 

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