20 Ways to Use a Feng Shui Mirror (includes an octagonal shaped mirror)

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by Jodi Brunner, Feng Shui Master

Extract from the introduction in the book .....

Feng Shui has many applications for mirrors and there are varying opinions about their uses. There is also much confusion and some superstition surrounding the use of mirrors.

This book is designed to enhance your knowledge of the use of mirrors in Feng Shui and give you an overview of problems that can occur. The mirror is used as a symbol of protection against visible and invisible threats. There are a number of basic roles to observe. It's fun and interesting to read and understand how to enhance your environment with the use of mirrors.

Some situations also use other specific Feng Shui cures which are not covered in this book. You may also wish to supplement your knowledge with advice from an experienced Feng Shui consultant.

If you find for some reason you can't implement a suggestion, the important thing to remember is that you are the creator of your environment. How you feel about your environment is the most important thing. That's what Feng Shui is all about!

You have the power to alter and uplift the environment in which you live and work. By doing so, you enhance your life.

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Jane C.

Very informative.

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