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Mood Rings showing the various beautiful colors tones which they can turnMood RingsA Color for Every Mood ..... 

Mood rings were first introduced in 1975 after they were invented by two New York inventors, Joshua Reynolds and Maris Ambats. The 2 inventors created mood stones by bonding liquid crystals into quartz stones, which in turn were set into a ring. The thermotropic liquid crystals would respond to changes in temperature, and would consequently change in color accordingly. The stone of the ring would therefore change color, supposedly according to the mood or emotional state of the wearer.

Modern mood jewelry is usually made from a flat strip of liquid crystals with a protective coating. The crystals respond to changes in temperature by twisting. The twisting changes their molecular structure, which alters the wavelengths of light that is absorbed or reflected. Wavelengths of light is another way of saying color, so when the temperature of the liquid crystals changes, so does their color.

A Resurgence in Popularity

Since the 1970s, the mood ring has enjoyed several resurgences of popularity. 

Mood Ring Color Interpretation Chart

A mood ring color chart can be helpful in understanding what colors represent which emotions. Mood rings respond to changes in body temperature, so many people believe that this type of jewellery can offer clues about a person's state of mind.

If you're wondering what your mood ring is saying about you, decode its messages with this chart.

Colors do not have to match exactly. For instance, the green color in the chart shows as Light Green Color but on the ring it shows as Dark Green Color

Mood Ring Color Meaning

Party Games

Using the Color Interpretation Chart to Determine Moods

Now that you understand what emotion each color represents, you might want to have some fun with your friends playing games and gauging each other's reaction. Try these oldies but goodies from the 1970s and before:

  • Truth or Dare: Make sure each person is wearing a mood ring. As you play the game, each person takes a turn and must place her hand on a table or other flat surface so her ring is visible at all times. As the person responds to the question, other players will watch the ring for a change in her mood. This reaction will tell you how the question put to the player makes her feel and often whether or not she's being completely honest.
  • Spin the Bottle: Watch how the players' rings turn whenever the bottle stops on a player and the spinner moves in for the kiss.
  • I've Got a Secret: This is a guessing game where each person gets to ask the player a question in an attempt to guess what the player's secret is. The player must keep her hand visible for all others to see. You can tell when you are getting close to the player's secret by using the color chart to gauge how she is reacting to the questions.

How to Determine Your Ring Size

Method 1 - Print an accurate Ring Chart and Compare with a Ring that you already own

You will need to print a document that is a PDF file . To do this, you require Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have Acrobat Reader you can downloaddownload it for free.

Click on the region where you live to download and print the appropriate ring chart document;

Prior to printing, ensure that page scaling is set to "none" on your print dialog box. 

Your ring should fit your finger comfortably; snug enough so that it will not fall off, but loose enough to slide over your knuckle. 

Note: Natures Energies only carries the 4 sizes shown above. 

Method 2 - Using a piece of string or paper and a pen to measure the circumference of your finger

  1. Using a string or piece of paper complete a circle around the bottom of your finger.
  2. Using a pen mark the string or paper at the circles connection point.
  3. Measure the length of the string/paper from the top till the pen mark.
  4. With this measurement refer to the table below to determine your US ring size.
  5. Use the US ring size to determine the closest match in italics in the order table above. Ensure that the ring will not be too tight if the size will be smaller.

Please note: You need to take the knuckle into consideration when sizing. In some cases the bottom of your finger may be smaller then your knuckle. It is recommended that you attempt method 1 above or visit a jeweller to ascertain the actual ring size needed as using the string/paper method is not 100% accurate.  

Note: Natures Energies only carries the 4 sizes shown above. 

The Length In mm The Length In In US Ring Size
41.6mm 1.639 in. 2
42.3mm 1.664 in. 2 1/4
42.9mm 1.689 in. 2 1/2
43.5mm 1.714 in. 2 3/4
44.2mm 1.740 in 3
44.8mm 1.765in. 3 1/4
45.5mm 1.790 in. 3 1/2
46.1mm 1.815 in. 3 3/4
46.7mm 1.840 in. 4
47.4mm 1.865 in. 4 1/4
48.0mm 1.890 in. 4 1/2
48.7mm 1.915 in. 4 3/4
49.3mm 1.941 in. 5
49.9mm 1.966 in. 5 1/4
50.6mm 1.991 in. 5 1/2
51.2mm 2.016 in. 5 3/4
51.8mm 2.041 in 6
52.5mm 2.066 in. 6 1/4
53.1mm 2.091 in 6 1/2
53.8mm 2.116 in. 6 3/4
54.4mm 2.141 in. 7
55.0mm 2.167 in. 7 1/4
55.7mm 2.192 in. 7 1/2
56.3mm 2.217 in. 7 3/4
56.9mm 2.242 in. 8
57.6mm 2.267 in. 8 1/4
58.2mm 2.292 in. 8 1/2
58.9mm 2.317 in 8 3/4
59.5mm 2.342 in. 9
60.1mm 2.368 in. 9 1/4
60.8mm 2.393 in. 9 1/2
61.4mm 2.418 in. 9 3/4
62.1mm 2.443 in. 10
62.7mm 2.468 in. 10 1/4
63.3mm 2.493 in. 10 1/2
64.0mm 2.518 in. 10 3/4
64.6mm 2.543 in. 11
65.2mm 2.569 in. 11 1/4
65.9mm 2.594 in. 11 1/2
66.5mm 2.619 in 11 3/4
67.2mm 2.644 in. 12
67.8mm 2.669 in. 12 1/4
68.4mm 2.694 in. 12 1/2
69.1mm 2.719 in. 12 3/4
69.7mm 2.744 in. 13
70.3mm 2.769 in. 13 1/4
71.0mm 2.795 in. 13 1/2
71.6mm 2.820 in. 13 3/4
72.3mm 2.845 in. 14
72.9mm 2.870 in. 14 1/4
73.5mm 2.895 in. 14 1/2
74.2mm 2.920 in 14 3/4
74.8mm 2.945 in. 15
75.4mm 2.970 in. 15 1/4
76.1mm 2.996 in. 15 1/2
76.7mm 3.021 in. 15 3/4
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Works well

Works well with color changes, although a little on the thin side.

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