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Knowledge of crystals and gemstones, combined with an appreciation of their aesthetic and spiritual qualities, encourages an appreciation of our planet Earth. Formed in natures eons ago, they have been revered, collected and worn since earliest times.

Beautiful stones must have charmed stone age people, who attributed them with supernatural powers. Bronze age craftsmen worked with jewels, silver and gold. Ancient cultures across the world made sacred objects from crystals.

In the middle ages the gemstone trade flourished, contributing to a cultural exchange between occident and orient. Exotic stones arrived in Europe via Baghdad and Cairo, the centers of gemstone cutting and polishing. Weight determined their value and the unit of measurement - the CARAT - originated from the carob tree seed, whose seed pod usually weighs a fifth of a gram.

Kings, nobility and religious dignitaries owned gemstones almost exclusively, though common people strongly believed in the magical powers of gemstones and used crystals for healing and magic rituals. 

Many books appeared on the subject. Bishop Isidore of Seville wrote what is probably the first manuscript entirely devoted to the esoteric powers of gemstones as early as 620 AD. In the 19th century the industrial revolution and the rise of materialism resulted in a decline of spiritual values, and precious stones became mere fashion items.

Today, the emergence of concepts alternative to science and technology has reawakened interest in the esoteric perspective of crystals and they are now perhaps more popular than ever before.

About the Decoder 

This decoder introduces 36 of the most enchanting crystals in great detail and functions as a handy reference tool, providing factual and esoteric information at a glance.

The decoder consists of 4 easy to use wheels with information on the 36 crystals spread across them.

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