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Browns Gas Therapy

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The AquaCure AC50 is a hydrogen generator that produces up to 50 litres per hour of a bio-available high energy gas called HydrOxy (Browns Gas) used by the body to;

  • heal disease
  • cure wounds
  • reverse the symptoms of aging

HydrOxy consists of 66% hydrogen and 33% oxygen, is made from water, and is also known as Browns Gas, BG, OxyHydrogen or HHO. It is the best known non-toxic antioxidant and anti-inflammatory with anti-apoptic (cell health) and cytoprotective (cell protection) properties.


Australian Research Professor Yull Brown was a famous innovator in the field of the electrolysis of water to produce browns gas as it become known as in the 1970 to 1996 period.  He was originally working on water as a fuel to power motor vehicles, and it was in the 1990s that George Wiseman, the inventor of the AquaCure became interested in Browns gas during his own research into vehicle fuel savers which was his business at the time. The machines being sold by Yull Brown were at the time about $300K, and George applied his own knowledge to come up with a more economical and far more efficient model which at the time was about $3000 for his own customers.

In 1996, one of George's customers for some reason decided to use browns gas to treat a melanoma on his forehead. What he did was bubble the browns gas through water, then he soaked a cotton ball in the water, put it in a plastic cap and taped it onto the melanoma. He changed it several times a day, and after 3 weeks, the melanoma was entirely gone. George not initially believing this put this information out as another possible untested use for Browns Gas and there were a number of other people who gave it a try on a variety of health conditions which were reported with similar healing results. The melanoma experiment was replicated in a hospital in Germany using the AquaCure machine, where a patient had a very large melanoma on his head (although in this case they put a shower cap on the patient and then injected browns gas under the cap), and in 3 weeks it was entirely gone. Studies were pursued with the belief it was the high pH in the water leading to the healing effect, but it was proven that the hydrogen was in fact the healing component. Since this time, there have been nearly 2000 scientific studies on hydrogen for health.

A number of George's customers wrote to him asking if they could breath the browns gas. There were many consuming it by bubbling it through water but they wanted to know if breathing it was safe. After seeing a photo of a browns gas bar in Korea where people could go in and pay to breath the gas, George decided to try it to check the safety in breathing the gas for himself. He realized it was safe as a hydrogen air mixture of less than 4% is not combustible. He then acquired a cannula with nasal prongs, which is inserted into both nostrils to breath the browns gas and after a long period of time (3 weeks) he observed health gains as described below. 

"So (with me after I started Brown’s Gas inhalation) the first thing I noticed after 3 weeks was my psoriasis disappeared. The skin simply pealed away like a snake shedding its skin and underneath was baby smooth skin. In the months that followed, my heart and eyes healed (organs that were struggling).  I’d had a heart murmur, wore glasses for 50 years and In more recent years I’d lost the feeling in the palm of my left hand and on both shins (neuropathies). Now my heart murmur is gone, I don’t wear glasses anymore and I have full feeling back in my hand and legs. Then my warts (a virus) disappeared.  My immune systems got strong enough to kick out hand warts and a planter’s wart I had on my foot.  So my immune systems came back online. And then my scars (which are patches instead of healing) disappeared as a result of stem cell production starting again in my body…  THAT was a WOW moment… Because to do that meant that (even though I’m over 60 years old) my body’s stem cells have been reactivated! My tinnitus has also virtually disappeared. My hair has stopped falling out of my head (alopecia) and there is some signs of regrowth in my bald area. I sprained my shoulder quite badly when impaling fence pickets into the ground and expected my shoulder would take 3 weeks to heal. I was inhaling browns gas at the time and it too 3 DAYS for my shoulder to completely heal!" George Wiseman

How the AquaCure produces Browns Gas

The AquaCure operates by separating water through the process of electrolysis, using an electrical current and a polymer membrane into the following components;

  • Molecular Hydrogen (H2)
  • Atomic Hydrogen (H)
  • Molecular Oxygen (O2)
  • Atomic Oxygen (O)
  • Water Vapour (Steam)
  • Electrically Expanded Water (ExW)

Electrically Expanded Water is the 4th state of water (the first being solid (ice), 2nd liquid, 3rd vapour (steam)), a plasma form of water being negatively charged, consisting of valuable bio-available electrons and energy. ExW has interesting properties, in that if it is cooled, it will not condense like normal water vapour, but it remains in a gaseous state. Another interesting property is that when browns gas is bubbled through water, the ORP (Oxygen Reduction Potential) drops far lower than if just normal hydrogen is bubbled through it. From a health point of view, the lower the ORP the better as it effectively makes the water a powerful antioxidant.

The ExW gives far more therapeutic benefits than just the molecular or atomic form of hydrogen. It is these components of essential nutrients and energy in browns gas that support the regenerative processes vital to all water based living systems.

Watch the following video with the presenter George Wiseman (the inventor of AquaCure) discussing the practical applications of this unique gas;

How is HydrOxy Useful to the Human Body?

The average human body is by volume 62% hydrogen, 24% oxygen, 12% carbon and 2% everything else. Hydrogen is involved, directly or indirectly in every chemical process in the body. So hydrogen is our most important MACRO-NUTRIENT, making it in fact a form of FOOD, whereas vitamins and minerals are all micro-nutrients when compared with hydrogen.

If provided enough hydrogen on a daily basis, most bodies will

  • repair organ damage
  • reactivate immune systems
  • reactivate regeneration systems
  • reactivate stem cell production

In addition to this, browns gas saturated water will provide negative ORP water which is rich in electrons, that deal with bodily maintenance on a daily basis to prevent free radical damage and oxidative cascading. When you drink normal tap water or bottled water that has positive ORP, electrons are taken from your body to neutralize that water, resulting in a form of free radical damage.

How Do We Naturally Consume Hydrogen and what happens when we become Hydrogen Starved?

Normal inhalation does not draw in hydrogen like oxygen, as hydrogen does not exist freely in nature. We normally source our hydrogen from our food, most of which contain hydro-carbons (a mixture of hydrogen and carbon). Our digestive system prepares our food (acids, enzymes, etc.) and then specialized bacteria in the Colon complete the process of ‘digestion’ releasing the hydrogen, which then goes directly into the bloodstream through the walls of the colon membrane.

Through the use of antibiotics, artificial sweeteners and other chemicals in our food, our hydrogen producing bacteria in the colon have become decimated. This has lead to virtually everyone in society being hydrogen starved and ageing prematurely. This hydrogen starvation causes the body to shut off extraneous systems (not immediately life threatening) in order to preserve life, starting with stem cells and your regeneration system. The next thing that goes is your immune system. Through further hydrogen starvation, features of the immune system are affected causing us to get sick and auto-immune disease.  Further starvation results in the end to organ failure and we subsequently die. 

Through supplementing with browns gas, bodily organs begin to heal themselves, and the regeneration system begins to kick back in with stem cell production coming back online again.

The Scientific Evidence .....

Since 1996, copious empirical and anecdotal evidence of the efficacy of HydrOxy has been reported; mostly by people who already had BG electrolysers and were desperately trying ANYTHING to achieve better health. The amazing results people reported finally convinced scientists to study hydrogen for health starting about 2007, resulting in over 1000 studies of over 170 ailments by 2019.

Scientific reviews of molecular hydrogen and hydrogen medicine in human disease, together with institute websites, show that Hydrogen/HydrOxy supplementation WORKS Fantastically WELL! Further, there are NO negative effects observed and, in every case reported, there are only positive (or neutral) health results.

Extended Life

Gerontology studies are indicative that consumption of browns gas leads to a significantly longer life. One study in Japan measured the hydrogen in exhaled air from individuals living a long life, and compared it with those living shorter lives, and it was revealed that those living longer have more hydrogen gas being exhaled. This indicates that long living individuals have more hydrogen saturated in their blood than shorter living individuals. Similar studies have been done on mice and rats to prove this scientifically.

Multiple Treatment Modes Available with the AquaCure AC50

AquaCure AC50 provides the Next Generation of hydrogen for health technology. Proper hydrogen hydration, together with O2 and ExW, leads to healing and rejuvenation. HydrOxy has ALL the benefits of hydrogen PLUS it’s super-charged with energy that no other solution provides.

Hydrogen generators that provide only H2 gas are limited in their treatment options and are generally used for hydrogen enrichment of water. The HydrOxy produced by the AquaCure AC50, with its O2 component, is useful for a wide range of treatment protocols. There are 4 ways in which it can be consumed;

  1. Infuse water with HydrOxy for healthful SUPER WATER drinking. Water enriched by bubbling with HydrOxy is also safe for feeding to plants and animals, and can be used to enhance hydroponics & aquaponics.
  2. Infuse water with HydrOxy fort optical treatment of skin issues and wounds. Bubble HydrOxy into a foot bath or bath water for full body treatment. When bathing in the water, it makes your skin feel absolutely amazing.
  3. Use HydrOxy gas for external treatment of skin, wounds and for discomfort. Spot applied or used in bags for treatment of limbs.
  4. Inhalation of HydrOxy gas by direct BREATHING of the Hydrogen/Oxygen mixture. Fast and efficient whole body hydrogen hydration directly into the blood is SAFELY achieved by easy AquaCure AC50 gas volume adjustment.

The AquaCure AC50 is a practical, reliable and versatile HydrOxy electrolyser/generator that is safety certified and designed (from experience dating back to 1986) to give you years of trouble free service.

The AquaCure can be operated continuously with minimal and easy maintenance. We’ve made it simple and easy to use. AquaCure has MANY features for safety and convenience, setting a gold standard for the best of HydrOxy for Health technologies.

Convenience Features

  1. The AquaCure AC50 can be used continuously, 24/7 if needed
  2. Extra Reservoir: allows operation for at least 10 hours between refills
  3. Timer Switch: with continuous feature
  4. Lighted Sight Tube: easy to see liquid level
  5. Adjustable Frequency: to optimize the HydrOxy

Safety Features

  1. LOW LIQUID LEVEL SHUTOFF: AquaCure AC50 has a low water level switch to automatically shut off the machine if the liquid level gets low.
  2. HIGH LIQUID LEVEL SHUTOFF: Prevents issues caused by over-filling.
  3. OVER-PRESSURE SAFETY: 2 psi over-pressure electrical shutoff
  4. OVER-PRESSURE RELIEF: Redundant 3 psi mechanical over-pressure gas relief. LOWER pressure is MUCH SAFER!
  5. ANTI-BACKFILL: The AquaCure has an advanced 'anti-backfill' feature, that reliably prevents the water in the Humidifier and Bubbler from ‘back-filling' into the electrolyser upon shutdown.
  6. FULL SHUTOFF SWITCH: For safety, the AquaCure shuts off BOTH the power and neutral wires.
  7. ADJUSTABLE GAS VOLUME: for safe optimization of gas volume for any application.
  8. SAFETY CERTIFIED: CE safety certified and UPGRADED to conform with CSA/UL and Australian safety standards.

Specifications of AquaCure AC50

  • Gas Generation: up to 50 LPH (833 mL/min) of HydrOxy
  • Size: 12 inch L; 9 inch W; 12 inch H (plus 10 inch Tower Cap)
  • Weight (with fluids): 16 lbs.
  • Voltage: choose option of 110 ~120 VAC 60 Hz or 220~240 VAC 50 Hz. Note that the 120V version of the AquaCure comes with a digital timer, whereas the 240V version comes with a manual timer, as shown in the photo.

Accessories Included

  1. AquaCure AC50 Operation Manual
  2. Tower Cap
  3. Tower Cap to Humidifier Hose
  4. Humidifier
  5. Humidifier Holder
  6. Humidifier to Bubbler attachment hose, 3 feet long
  7. 40 mL Syringe (for water refilling)
  8. Food Grade Liter Bubbler bottle (assembled)
  9. Nasal Cannula(s) (for Inhalation)
  10. Accessories hose 1/8" ID x 1/4" OD, 6 feet long
  11. Soft Silicone HydrOxy Spot Applicator
  12. Several hose adaptor(s)
  13. Water Infuser/Ionizer Bubbler stone (for bubbling water in container of choice).
  14. Online Resources: updated for corrections, upgrades, tips, videos, etc.
  15. Comprehensive personal support to answer any questions

Note: The AquaCure is sent directly from Eagle Research in Buffalo, New York U.S.A to your delivery address. If you are outside of U.S.A, you may be subjected to paying customs and excise duty for importation of the unit into your country.

AquaCure AC50 Setup and Operation Procedures


This AquaCure AC50 is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your physician before using this product. The information provided on this site is for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for advice from your physician or other health care professional or any information contained on or in any product label or packaging. You should not use the information on this site for diagnosis or treatment of any health problem or for prescription of any medication or other treatment. Always consult with a healthcare professional before starting any diet, exercise or supplementation program, before taking any medication, or if you have or suspect you might have a health problem. You should not stop taking any medication without first consulting your physician. As individuals differ, so will results. Even though we use ONLY natural ingredients, always check with your doctor for risks associated with dietary supplements and your specific health conditions and/or allergies. For legal reasons we need to state up front that the AquaCure is not yet defined as a medical device and therefor cannot legally be recommended for human use. Note that we do not sell the Aquacure in Australia.

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Raymond G.
United States United States
I recommend this product


I ordered a unit from your partner at Pureffect that we have used for about a week now. I applied the gas directly to a deep red spot caused by an old contusion for only 5 ten minute sessions and have noticed it is only half as visible as before. I applied the gas in a similar fashion to a nerve damaged area on my wife's leg. It relieved the pain within about 3 minutes. We have been drinking the water. I can only describe it as having a rather pleasing silky taste and texture. Hopefully we can report healing of my wife's neuropathy in the near future.

David B.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product


Heard from a guy today.. his daughter in law had terminal breast cancer, he hired my Aquacure AC50 7 months back..her chances of surviving were very very very slim.. long story short.. she is now totally clear and cancer FREE the Doctors even called it a miracle.wooohooo...

Thiomas C.

Plant Growth

Over the years in three different locations, the trees, shrubs and flowers in close proximity to our shop where we release the BG when we de-pressure the machine at days end, have exhibited 2-4 times the rate of growth of all others in the surrounding vicinity. We had a live oak ( a normally very slow growing tree) extend it’s branches over 40 feet horizontally to completely cover (you might say “embrace”) our shop in only a three year period. We have repeatedly started seedlings separated onto two flats. Using water from the same source, we water one with untreated water and the other watered with water we first treated by bubbling it with the gas through an air stone for 10 minutes. At the end of two weeks after germination those getting treated water are clearly twice as large as the others. Conclusion: There are obviously positive biological advantages of exposure to the BG. My wife, an R.N. theorizes that it neutralizes free radicals. Whether that is valid or not, the obvious benefits that accrue to living organisms is obvious and replicable. Anecdotal evidence, I’m sure the skeptics would respond, but I have little doubt if controlled studies where to be conducted and published by responsible researchers, it would open up a whole new field of therapeutic medicine OR be shut down immediately by the powers that be. But you have much more expertise in that area than I


Miracle Healing Properties

It was so good to hear of your positive results from application of the gas (Brown’s Gas aka BG or HHO) and makes me feel as though I have not shared enough of the health benefits my wife and I have discovered of nearly miraculous healing powers that can only be attributed to our regular and as time goes on, intentional, exposure to BG. 1) Like most people, we endured a cold, or two, or three every year. In the fourteen years we have been using BG, the total colds between us: ZERO 2) BURNS- Working with red hot metal every day for years, severe second and third degree are not uncommon. Misting the burn with water and using the BG to cool it for 10-15 minutes to brings moderate relief but the real magic begins 2-4 hours later when you realize ALL pain is gone and a tan colored, flexible and tough covering (or temporary “skin” has formed over the red area with black (burnt) edges where the original skin had been removed, sizzling on the metal. In 4-6 days the covering comes off in the shower and there is NO scar (where you would expect a beauty!) BG is unbelievable! 3) **** surgery (and possibly other open wounds) Several years ago, I had to have 14 molar teeth removed at one sitting. Prior to surgery, I asked my orthodontic surgeon if he had any objection to my applying the BG to the open sockets. When I went back a week later he was amazed and said, “I’ve never seen healing like this. Whatever you are doing, keep doing it.”

Darol M.

Arthritis Treatment

I felt the need to add my story which I have not mentioned to you before. I used to suffer with debilitating arthritis. Specially in my wrists and hands. Back in 2010, it had gotten to the point that on some days I could not even grip a ball point pen. I would have what I termed bad days and very bad days. There were no good arthritis days anymore. The use of my hands is an integral part of my business as well as my personal life, and I was at the point where all of the drugs, creams, liniments, etc., were not helping anymore. One day when the pain was so intense and my range of motion was about 25% of what it should be, in sheer desperation, I grabbed a bread wrapper ( bag ) and inserted my right arm into it up to the elbow. I then ran the gas into the bag and placed a rubber band around the top to keep in snug and seal in the BG. Well it will soon be 6 years since the first treatment, and I am for the most part pain free. I got some, immediate relief after the first treatment, and repeated it for 4 or 5 days until the pain was completely gone. Since then, I give myself a treatment about once a week to maintain. The pain is gone 99% of the time, and my range of motion in my fingers and wrists is about 95% which is remarkable considering my 81 years of wear and tear that I have subjected my body to. Since the first treatment, I have been able to fully utilize my hands.

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