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The new Stellar Pendant™ creates a harmonizing field of a healthy negative charge up to 8 meters around the body, thereby neutralizing the depleting positive charge energy influences emitted from all sources of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR).

The Stellar Pendant is a result of ongoing research with colors. Researchers discovered that the effect of yellow combined with the normal harmonizing effect of orgonium resulted in a much more powerful protection pendant that extended the protection field by up to 8 meters around the wearer. The Stellar Pendant seems to now outrank the former colored pendants, which were selected by color match, and which in turn only had a limited harmonizing distance from the body.

Personal protection against Geopathic Stress, EMR and predatory people. A nice energetic feeling pendant that helps keep your biofield balanced and healthy all day long. By wearing the Stellar Pendant, your aura will increase in size protecting you from other metaphysical dangers.

The Orgone Stellar Pendants' ability to protect you from negative influences can easily be tested by muscle or pulse testing. To determine that potential negative environmental influences such as EMR, 5G and Geopathic Stress are no longer placing your nervous system under stress.

Priced well below its overseas competitors while being energetically superior in every way because it doesn't have any negative polarity. We have been able to engineer out a negative polarity side to make the pendant double positive, which means it doesn't matter which side it is worn on so it is completely safe to wear no matter what you own sensitivity levels are.

Negative polarity is what over 99% of competitors pendants posses, which if worn the wrong way around can be doing more harm than good. Especially those pendants made form different types of metal - if their energetic characteristics were to be graphed, they would instantly upon touch register a nice energetic vibe for around 5 seconds, then plummet to a sickly positive ion resonance which is completely out of sync with our chakra flow thus causing discomfort.

Aura with No Pendant 

Image A
No Pendant

Aura with Pendant 

Image B
Wearing a Stellar Pendant

The Kirlian Bio Feedback images supplied by an independent testing body show how the human Aura is strengthened by wearing the Stellar Pendant. Image A shows the auric field around our physical body without a Pendant. Image B demonstrates the effectiveness of the Stellar Pendant after wearing it for 24 hours. These observations were also similar for the Geoclense device (where auras were in fact observed to be larger in size). Observations reveal that there is a significant increase in the size and strength of the auric field.

Recent modifications in the technology used to produce these devices has made them effectively stand alone. This means that there is no longer a requirement to place the device onto a hard surface. When you wear the pendant, you are effectively walking around in a bubble 8 metres in radius where you are protected from all forms of geopathic stress. Earlier forms of the pendant did not extend protection far enough to protect the Taurus associated with the heart chakra, so there is a distinct difference felt when wearing the pendant.

Stellar Pendant
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