The Wisdom of Elves and Fairies

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Messengers of the Miraculous
By Gayan Sylvie Winter 
Allow this petite 40-card deck to help you focus on your innermost being and to rediscover your own wisdom and make it work for you. Elves are known to embody the elemental powers working in plants, while fairies symbolize the cosmic powers related to air and ether. Combined they provide a perfect mirror for the mysterious powers of nature spirits.
5.7 x 3.5 x 1.7 centimetres. Includes booklet.
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Carry W.

Delightful brightly coloured, childlike artwork together with inspirational written messages combine to make this deck of tiny cards an absolute delight that would be bound to appeal to anyone attuned to the fairy realms. These cards are small enough to carry with you at all times, should you wish to do so, though I’d certainly suggest you get a suitable mini-tarot bag to protect them. Then you could get fairy messages whenever you felt the need for them, messages such as “Every now and then grant yourself the freedom to do nothing” (the message on a card showing a fairy resting among flowers under a tree) and “Advice always comes at the right moment” (the message on a card showing a fairy on the branch of a tree encountering a caterpillar). If you were looking for a gift for someone whom you know loves all things magical, this deck is considerably less well-known than some of the decks around, so would probably be a safer choice.

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