Stellar Star Light Essences

The Stellar Star Light Essences

Natures Energies Health Products are proud to introduce the Stellar Star Light Essence Remedies, a powerful potentised form of healing utilising energies from planetary and constellation Chi.

A wonderful range of essences, harnessing and bringing forth the energies of the constellations. These energies are all pervading and influence every aspect of our being. By bringing them into harmony we are able to work in partnership with the universe and in harmony with life.

Suggested Dosages

The essences may be utilised in a number of ways. One of the most effective which we recommend (for adults & children), is to succuss (shake) the bottle to activate the essence(s). Warm in the fingers, then apply directly to the temples, pulse points or acupuncture points in the body (externally only) similar to the way you would apply perfume. You may press the essence on, rub or smooth it in or pass it through the energy field (aura). In utilising the essences in this way, we have found remarkable results. It is as if, unhindered by the cellular mass of the body they are able to penetrate directly to the vibrational field or aura of our body, producing swift and concise effects. They may be applied in stock strength in this way, or as a dilution (7 drops of the chosen essence(s) in 25ml of purified water - note: dilutions use by 3-6 weeks or disregard) Other recommendations are placing stock strength essence in an oil burner, massaged on the skin with oil, placed in a bath, sprayed on clothing, carpets, furniture, in washing machines or the car, etc. For animals they can be rubbed through the coat.

How do they work?

 The individual essences all have their own particular field of healing, (just as all vitamins or herbs do), each essence has an appropriate pattern or resonance to a particular area. Polaris for example works specifically on perfected emotional states, producing emotional balance & harmony. The pattern it therefore carries is that of perfected emotions. When the essence is taken, on a vibrational level, it introduces that specific pattern to the body. The body then either matches or mismatches it. If it matches that is to say the person already has perfected emotional states then no change will occur, only a strengthening of what is already there. If a mismatch occurs however, the body attempts to match the pattern by pulling its own vibrational field in to match that of the essence as well as it can. Thus creating an energy shift or alignment towards more perfected emotional states. Naturally this does not mean that the essence will only be used once to create this state, the more frequently it is introduced the better the chance the body has of matching the pattern and eventually remembering and transforming to maintain this state.

In reading through the negative states see which patterns you fall in to and which (positive) patterns you would most like to have, this will assist you in determining the best essence choice for you at this time.

When will they work?

Due to the matching which needs to occur, it is recommended the essence(s) are used for at least 3-4 weeks for results. It is best for a slow, gradual healing to take place to avoid shock.

Stellar Star Light Essence Remedies

Methods of Utilising

Secuss (shake) before each use to fully activate.

Massage: A few drops blended with a carrier oil will make a wonderful massage blend, healing & nurturing.

Lotions: Mixed with a natural base cream, the blends can be used for moisturisers, add to shampoo & a variety of skin care products.

Atomisers: A few drops in a spray bottle with 100ml of water will make a lovely room freshener, mist over carpets & drapes.

Spray Mists: In the same manner, use the atomiser to lightly mist over the entire body, refreshing, hydrating & soothing.

Children: To calm, support & nurture, use the essences in oil burners or bathing.

Healing: The combination of Stellar essences produce a beautiful healing experience no matter which form they are utilised in. Make every experience in your life a healing, enlightening & awakening choice. From your house to your life.

Oil Burners: One of the easiest methods of use is to place a few drops into water in an oil burner/vaporiser. The healing properties will be diffused into the air & benefit all in the environment.

Direct Application: The essences can be applied directly to the body (externally only), press on to the temples, wrists, pulse points or pass through the aura on the hands for a refreshing, balancing & clearing sensation.

Bathing: A few drops in a bath or a foot bath will produce a soothing, healing & luxurious experience. Reflexology points will be stimulated by the foot bath.

"I have over 17 years practical work with a variety of essences and natural health modalities I have personally used the Stellar essences and found them to move stuck energies that have previously been unnoticed and/or untreated by other methods. I find the Stellar essences powerful, dramatic and refreshingly cleansing. I hope you enjoy your work with them as much as my clients, my students and I have." Lesley Antonoff

The information contained on this page is the opinion of the author Daryll Mitchell, and reports from a wide range of people using the essences as to the areas they have found greatest assistance in. They are used to correct energy imbalances or stresses which may in turn be creating illness or physical problems in the body. Being a vibrational essence they have not been tested scientifically and no such claims are made for them. We encourage you to also see a professional therapist whenever applicable. BEING ONLY PURIFIED WATER & BRANDY (ON A PHYSICAL LEVEL) THE ESSENCES CAN DO NO HARM IF WRONGLY SUGGESTED.

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