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Perfect for Beginners and Advanced Natural Therapists Alike.

Have you ever wondered whether there may be an unseen power waiting to be tapped - take a cosmic journey & discover how to experience these energies first hand.

In this book (& Course) we explore:

Stars & Constellations
Healing techniques using vibrational Essences
Cleansing & balancing the aura & Chakras
Harmonising the body
Natural health maintenance & Self Improvement

The workbook for Stellar Essences, endorsed by Renascent, The International College of Intuitive Sciences & The International College of Gem Essences.

As we endeavour to pioneer changes deep into the soul of culture, the dissolving away of narrow vision is our obstacle and challenge. Medicine has attempted to uncover the mysteries of life and find an antidote for the ills that plague humanity although has fallen short in understanding the nature of the human being, from higher perspective's.

The human being as a phenomenon has obvious limitations in that feelings, intuitions and insights cannot easily fit this model and allopathic medicine has failed in rectifying it's own narrow approach to ill health. The common thread of humanity is not only biological, and we have to facilitate the awakening and communing of souls and consciousnesses.

Freedom comes to those who question and do not deny or accept anything, instead observe with enthusiasm all of life's processes. One cannot deny that we are more than skin and bone so let us explore the unfoldment of potential that 'radical' thinking can bring.

Open your minds and hearts to possibility and see what happens!

42 Pages

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James B.

Very happy with my purchase.

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