The Liquid Crystal Oracle

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The Liquid Crystal Oracle

By Justin Moikeha Asar

A Rediscovery of the Atlantian Way for the Children of Light

The Liquid Crystal Oracle is a continuous adventure full of wonder and awe, and it will take you on a fascinating journey throughout the Crystalline World. Through using these powerful cards, doorways will open for you to the sacred Atlantian Earth. You will meet the Master Crystal Devas as well as the architects to the Mineral Kingdom, unlocking a wealth of tangible ancient and sacred knowledge.
The Liquid Crystal Oracle consists of 77 cards as well as a comprehensive 292 page guidebook to teach you how to use the cards. The cards and guidebook are the basis to a powerful life-changing crystal healing system which will impact on your very own life in a positive way.
  • Receive the keys to the crystalline world
  • Explore Atlantian spirituality
  • Activate the Atlantian Octohedrans of Light
Through achieving the above, you will effectively;
  • Connect with the crystals
  • Tap into the wisdom of the crystals
  • Heal with over 150 sacred trinities and sequences of the crystals

"This is Crystal Healing the Atlantian Way - A way of Love, Power and Wisdom combined in balance as a glorious White Rose, within whose crystalline petals lies a new world - Man, Angel and Deva as one. The Children of Light have come to guide us home. May their boundless Love, Eternal Wisdom and Patient Power Deliver the New Earth into Peace."

Liquid Crystal Card Set
The 77 Cards
Liquid Crystal Card - Amber  Liquid Crystal Card - Herkimer Diamond  Liquid Crystal Card - Ruby 
Liquid Crystal Card - Kunzite Liquid Crystal Card - Lapis Lazuli

About the Author of the Liquid Crystal Oracle

Justin Moikeha AsarLiquid Crystal Oracle Comprehensive GuidebookJustin Moikeha Asar grew up in the magical Pacific islands of Vanuatu. He views each day as a lifetime, seeing physicality as our ultimate gift and he encourages the embrace of Truth, Unity and Oneness through the natural cycles.
Teaching spirituality throughout Australia and around the world; Justin’s firm physical grounding in Naturopathy, High Magic, the Druid principles, and Hawaiian, Egyptian and Atlantian spirituality is a balanced dance with his intimate embrace of the higher celestial realms as a keeper of the Pleiadian Liquid Light Technologies and an aspect of the Brotherhood of Light on Earth. Recently, Justin stepped into his known birth purpose as the seeding member of the Atlantian Hierarchy in preparation for its externalization to the world. Over the past 15 years, through the teachings of the 'Spirit of Geburah,’ a master Ruby gifted from a Tibetan monastery, Justin has re­birthed the Liquid Crystals into the world, as an Atlantian Crystal Healing modality.

So far, Justin has become fluent in the Atlantian language both spoken and written, he has re-united the mineral kingdom, restoring its ancient sacred order. His work has led to the true recognition of the Master Crystal Devas by name and symbol and revealed the 11 ancient Atlantian cities. It has also assigned the Gods, Goddesses, Angels, Ascended Masters, Tarot, Tree of Life, Animals, Oils, Plants, and even the Stars back to the Crystals of Earth. The Liquid Crystals has quickly become the most advanced and holistic crystalline modality on Earth, offering the true Atlantian Way of Oneness.

Realized and guided from birth, Justin has deliberately withheld much of his work to avoid the inevitable classifications offered by the masses that would block his personal growth. However, he is now opening the doors and the Atlantian Way will become more available so we may live in harmony on our new Planet.

Reviews and ratings

These cards are amazing. I use them in my psychology practice, asking clients to shuffle and choose. Then they read the corresponding section in the book, and are blown away by its relevance to what we have just been working on in the session. Sometimes I get them to lie down and absorb the energy of the card into their body. Almost always I make them up the same Liquid Crystal drops to take for 21 days - with good results. Jane Feedback Stars
I would recommend this set to anyone. You will receive a set of 77 Oracle Cards along with a comprehensive book. The cards are breathtakingly beautiful, and the book is full of information about the crystals that the cards represent, and ways that they can be used for healing.
Justin Moikeha Asar tells it as it is. He delivers the most incredible information in the most matter of fact way and without any ego. Buy this Oracle and see for yourself. C Shroder
Feedback Stars
Thank you, Justin, for sharing your knowledge and wisdom.
These cards are so vibrant. Full of love and life.
Blessings to you. E Donnell
Feedback Stars
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