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Creature Teacher Oracle Cards - Example 1

Creature Teacher Oracle Cards - Example 1

Tiger - I am courageous


The Tiger's stripes offer perfect camouflage as it prowls the tall grass and brushwood of India. Its colouration disrupts the outline of its body as it lies in wait for passing prey such as Deer, Wild Pigs and Buffalo. Tigers are occasionally known to take domestic stock in areas where natural prey is limited. While man-eating Tigers are rare, the rubber-harvesters that work the thick forests often wear realistic human-like masks on the back of their heads as protection. The belief is that Tigers only take their prey from behind, and while this may not necessarily be a proven fact - the people figure it’s better to be safe than sorry. They figure that the Tiger, confused by the two sets of eyes, will think it is unable to strike from the rear and leave them alone. You could say that to attack your prey from behind is a good idea; stalking your prey silently without being seen, making the crucial ambush triumphant. Well, guess what? It’s estimated that Tigers go hungry about 80% of the time using this technique. However, if the truth be told, it’s probably not so much the technique that lets the Tiger down, but rather a lack of confidence. Despite its physical power, stunning appearance and wild nature, the Tiger is nervous and hesitant. It’s afraid to look its prey dead in the eye; instead its looks for an easier, less confronting way to take it down. But even when it has its prey set in its sight, the Tiger often loses confidence at the last minute and bungles its assault.

To have the Tiger skulk its way into your cards today is to be told to face your issues front on instead of looking for an easy way out. Look at what you fear the most - dead in the eye - and defiantly vow to take it on. Don’t ‘beat around the bush’, or ignore your problems in the vain hope that they will go away. The Tiger is reminding you of your inherent beauty, Personal Power and inner strength. Celebrate your potential as your personal truth and see yourself worthy of greatness. If you have ‘issues’ or suspicions regarding a friend, family member or associate, for example, speak to them openly about it instead of holding it in or talking about them behind their back. If you suspect that others have concerns about you, confront them and encourage them to talk openly with you about it. Or, if there are things you have done or issues that make you feel shameful, and you are worried they will be revealed by someone other than you, speak up now and get everything off your chest. Be the one that controls your destiny, look your shadow-self dead in the eye, and take command of your potential. Reject the negative aspects of Tiger – those parts of yourself that imply you’re a coward. Instead, be the proud, powerful Tiger that integrates its favourite prey - the impeccable Peacock - into its way of life. In doing so, you will always walk your talk and face your fears and limitations head on with courage and fortitude.