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Creature Teacher Oracle Cards - Example 2

Creature Teacher Oracle Cards - Example 2

Kangaroo - I always say 'Thankyou'


As members of the Macropod family, Kangaroos, like Wallabies, travel on powerful hind legs and use their long, thick tails to balance their body while leaping. Depending on the species, some Kangaroos can travel at up to 60 km/h and can leap over obstacles up to three metres high. Gathering in family groups known as ‘mobs’, Kangaroos rest in the shade during the heat of the day and feed well into the night when it’s much cooler. They feed mainly on grass and need very little water. They can actually survive without drinking for many months. So plentiful was the Kangaroo that they formed the staple diet of early Indigenous Australians. The Kangaroo not only offered the people its rich meat, but also its warm hide and strong bones which, when sharpened, became useful cutting and digging tools. To the people, abundance meant healthy children, a full stomach and a warm, dry sleeping place. They believed Mother Earth would provide all they needed and they knew that if they lived in harmony with the land, their life would be safe, healthy and plentiful as a result. So long as the Kangaroo was there, the people knew they would never know hunger or suffering. Its mere existence promised their survival. For this, the people were very grateful, and they offered thanks everyday and performed sacred dances in ritual and ceremony to make the point.

If the Kangaroo has vaulted into your cards today, you are being primed for a time of great receiving. It might not be today or tomorrow, but you are being told that you’re destined to be rewarded for your hard work. Perhaps you will receive some wonderful news, a prize of some sort, or acknowledgement for your efforts. However it arrives and whatever form it takes, be prepared to receive. Kangaroo is also here to tell you, though, that there are two ways to receive: the humble, grateful way, and the arrogant, unappreciative way. Now, the Kangaroo wouldn’t have hurdled his way into your cards today if you weren’t going to show gratitude for your reward, because he knows you always say thankyou when you receive. But, he has come to make sure that whenever you receive – now and in the future – that you always receive with humility and thanks; that you never become complacent or begin to expect recognition. Whether it is a million dollars or a single flower picked from the garden, always remember to offer thanks for your gift, because as the indigenous people realised, the moment you relax your appreciation, the bounty soon dries up. Good things only come to you when you appreciate their source. The moment you come to expect good things, and you forget to appreciate where they came from or why you have received them, you can bet your bottom dollar they will stop coming. They will stop and you will receive nothing. So, remain as you are now and, no matter how popular you become or how good you get at what you love to do, always say thank you, no matter how small the reward.