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Creature Teacher Oracle Cards - Example 3

Creature Teacher Oracle Cards - Example 3

Dove - I am loved


Question: When you think of animals typically associated with love, what two animals’ spring to mind? Answer: The Dog, of course … and the Dove. Like Cupid, Doves are thought to herald love, or to answer prayers related to love in its purest form. The terms ‘Dove’ and ‘Pigeon’ are often used interchangeably in Australia, with ‘Pigeon’ being a somewhat old-fashioned term of endearment. To refer to someone as ‘Pigeon’ is to signify true love and devotion for them, while the soothing ‘coo-coo’ call of the Dove is said to inspire feelings of peace and assurance. Doves are plump little birds with round heads, short necks and slender beaks. They raise their young in roughly built stick nests, with both mum and dad contributing to the incubation of the eggs and the care of the young. Doves feed their young ‘crop milk’, a highly nutritious substance regurgitated directly into the hatchling’s throat. Doves have come to symbolise kindness, contentment, love and trust. They naturally inspire feelings of peace and harmony, balance and stability, particularly during periods of emotional upheaval, hardship and pain.

To have the Dove land in your cards today, is to be reassured that no matter what is happening in your world right now, you are loved; loved by Spirit, the Earth Mother, your friends and family - and more importantly (it is hoped), by you, yourself. The Dove comes as a messenger of hope and a symbol of love. You may be wondering, for example, if you will ever find true love. Well, the Dove responds with a gentle, ‘yes’. You may be wondering if the love you feel for another is real; the Dove asks that you enjoy the ride and allow the truth to reveal itself in its own time. You may be wondering if the love you have for another is strong enough to last, to which the Dove wisely replies, ‘Only time will tell’. The Dove is a gentle creature, who never pushes for anything to occur before its time or waits impatiently for the future to unfold. She sits gently, humbly and quietly, and trusts that her self-esteem will carry her through. The Dove knows that she is loved, nurtured by the ‘crop milk’ of the world around her. She knows she cannot attract true love until she first learns to love herself. So she lives a balanced, peaceful life, free of fear, judgement or jealousy, with the faith and commitment to know that what is meant to be hers will someday be revealed. She knows she is safe and protected. She knows she will be provided for. And she not only knows she is loved, she knows she is worthy of love, which is more important. And armed with this certainty, she knows she will someday find true love. And that is all she needs to know.