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Creature Teacher Oracle Cards - Example 4

Creature Teacher Oracle Cards - Example 4

Deer - I am gentle


We have many wild Deer near where I live, chiefly Fallow Deer and Samba Deer. Some report that there are also small populations of Red Deer in the Valley. Not a night goes past that we don’t see one or two Deer grazing on the side of the road as we make our way home. They inhabit the forest surrounding my home in their thousands, surrendered to the wild by venison farmers years ago, when the bottom dropped out of the wild game meat market. They stop eating as we pass, and quietly trot back among the trees. Sometimes we’re lucky enough to spy a family feeding together: a Doe, a Stag and a Fawn. Deer are such peaceful animals, with big, brown eyes, elegant legs and loving faces. I remember late one night, though – it was around 3am – while driving home, a huge Stag, startled by my car, came out of nowhere and ran beside me for several metres before slamming his antlered head against my passenger door, breaking my side mirror. Had I slowed the car, he would have gladly run away, but he was scared and retaliated accordingly. When I got home, I found he had left a long smudge mark down the side of the car – a smudge caused by the ‘velvet’ that covers his antlers. Although we must keep our gates closed at night so they don’t come in and eat my roses, the Deer that inhabit the national forest surrounding our home are normally very shy and gentle, quietly going about their business without much thought for anyone or anything else.

To have the Deer prance its way into your cards is to be acknowledged for your gentle character and loving, understanding nature. Whenever you feel threatened, bullied or belittled, what do you do? Well, you have two choices, don’t you – act or react. By reacting, you run the risk of firing up and becoming just as threatening and belittling as the person facing you. Choosing to act, however, gives you room to move. It allows you to stand in your power without having to say a word. Acting calm, for example; being gentle, understanding and compassionate, will see you gain more ground than being aggressive. Radiating love and empathy toward the intimidating person facing you will see you confuse them; they will soon realise you’re not going to bite back, and they will quieten gradually, until all their bluster is gone. You will offer them no other choice but to stand still and quietly wait for you to respond. And when you do respond, it will be with a gentle heart. You may find that the person facing you may apologise or attempt to explain themselves. Perhaps they have had a bad day, or they have things happening in their private life that no one else knows about. Perhaps their anger and bullying ways are a cry for help, and perhaps by acting instead of reacting, you will be there to answer their call. Perhaps from confrontation a friendship may blossom. Who knows? Why not find out the next time your gentle nature is tested.