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Creature Teacher Oracle Cards - Example 5

Creature Teacher Oracle Cards - Example 5

Zebra - I am unique and special


Have you ever wondered how Zebras tell each other apart? Let’s face it - they look so alike don’t they? Zebras have patterns to make it difficult for predatory animals (like Lions) to tell one from the other. They figure that if a Lion sees a mass of black and white lines (instead of a single stripy Zebra standing all alone) it will get confused and move on … and this does work, to a point. Often it takes a while for the Lion to identify one Zebra from the crowd, but once it has, it doesn’t hesitate to catch its prey. So alike are the Zebras (at first glance) that when a Zebra foal is born, the first thing it does is memorise its mother’s markings. No two Zebras are alike, you see. Like our fingerprints, every Zebra has unique patterning, and once the foal has memorised what his or her mother’s stripes look like, it can easily and quickly find her, even in the most crowded of herds.

If Zebra has galloped into your cards today, you are being reminded that you are unique and special – that you are NOT like everyone else, and that there is a good reason for that difference. By celebrating the fact that you’re different from every other person on this planet, you can and will make a difference to the world. You WILL make the world a better place to live in – just by being you. We are all born into this world with natural ability. Perhaps you have a natural ability to act, paint or draw? Perhaps you are good at dancing or singing, or playing a musical instrument? Perhaps you find mathematics easy, or spelling, or reading? Whatever it is, you are bound to be good at something … and that ‘something’ is what makes you uniquely special and different from everyone else. Looking, acting or sounding different to those around you makes you special too, because you stand out from the crowd. And instead of shunning this difference by trying to hide away or keep quiet, you need to celebrate it by announcing to the world, ‘This is who I am … deal with it’. Zebra’s message is simple. You are unique, gifted, talented and special. You are important and beautiful. Practise what you’re good at, and keep practising until you’re the best in your field, and then encourage others to celebrate their uniqueness too. Only by celebrating our uniqueness will others realise theirs, and surely that must make you feel very proud to be you.