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Dragon Gate Qi Gong DVD - NTSC Format






Dragon Gate Qi Gong DVD - NTSC Format



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Dragon Gate Qi Gong (Chuan Zhen Pai) was founded by Wan Chong Yang (960-1127AD) and passed to Yi Chieu Liang from the Wan So Temple (10,000 longevity temple) in China. The current Grandmaster is Xu Guo Rong, the 22nd generation successor.

This Taoist style of Qi Gong has three levels and is liked because of its simplicity. In this series the first level is taught which needs to be done continuously for some time before moving to the next level. The Qi will become stronger and healthier and this Qi Gong has very strong lineage energy which is felt almost immediately by many practitioners.

"I just happened to stumble upon your website because of the qigong DVD series and I did the movement from the Dragon Gate sample video and immediately felt strong chi in my hands so I sent the page to my medical intuitive to test the style and he wrote back that they test very powerful for me and would be really good. So I will be ordering at least the Dragon Gate DVD and maybe one more ...." SM York PA, U.S.A.

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Dragon Gate Qi Gong DVD - NTSC Format

Dragon Gate Qi Gong DVD - NTSC Format

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