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Guigen Qi Gong DVD - Standard Pal Format






Guigen Qi Gong DVD - Standard Pal Format



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Guigen Qi Gong Guigen Qigong Guigen means returning to the root or source and was founded by Doctor Xu Hongtao. Dr. Xu is the Doctor in charge at the Qigong and Tuina department in Beijing's Xi Yuan Hospital.

Guigen Qigong consists of six exercises and a sitting meditation. These include an introductory exercise called Global Harmony for regulating Yin and Yang throughout the body and five exercise to harmony the five elements in Chinese Medical theory. One exercise for each of the major organ systems (spleen/stomach, lungs/large intestine, kidneys/bladder, liver/gall bladder and heart, small intestine). This is then followed by a sitting meditation for up to 2 hrs. 

These exercises are used in the Xi Yuan hospital as part of the treatment for any illness. This DVD is filmed in a live class and Mr. Mitchell leads the group through the six exercises and meditation.

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Guigen Qi Gong DVD - Standard Pal Format

Guigen Qi Gong DVD - Standard Pal Format

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