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AerMAX Airflow Amplifier


AerMAX Airflow Amplifier and Deep Breathing Tool



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Breathe Slower, Deeper, and Longer for peak yogic or athletic performance!

The airflow amplifier is a useful tool for athletes wishing to achieve peak performance in their training routines. It can also be used in yoga to train the breath during deep breathing exercises. The device is used to train the body for airflow conditioning as part of sports activity preparation, performance and recovery. Such training allows one to achieve more air with less particulate matter. There are additional benefits including instant clarity, enhanced focus and undivided concentration.

The airflow amplifier incorporates 3 patent pending technologies to achieve enhanced breathe control, including;

  • Aeror aerAmp™ Acoustic Amplifier - designed to audibly amplify airflow.
  • AerVibe™ Harmonic Vibrator - designed to oscillate and vibrate when you vocalise exhalation to help you achieve and maintain steady air flow.
  • AerMesh™ Air Filter - designed to filter airborne particulates.

Such technologies allows the athlete to achieve during their training;

1. Slower breathing ........

This allows you to break through the shallow breathing barrier thereby amplifying airflow. The amplified airflow allows you to hear and focus on your breathing.

2. Deeper Breathing ........

So you can reverberate rhythmic breathing through your body, oscillating airflow and allowing you to feel your breathing.

3. Longer Breathing .........

This allows you to extend respiration duration, purifying airflow and allowing you to cleanse your breathing.

3 slow deep and steady breaths through the Airmax before any type of exercise is beneficial*. Think of it as warming up the lungs just like stretching warms up the legs before a walk/run.

3-Step Inhaling Through the AerMAX Airflow Amplifier

Follow the Schematic Diagrams Below when INHALING
Note: All images are Trademark property of Aeror Pty Ltd, and are Copyright © 2011 Aeror Pty Ltd
A - Abdominal Lower lung phaseB - Bronchial middle lung phaseC - Clavicular upper lung phase
C - Clavicular upper lung phaseB - Bronchial middle lung phaseA - Abdominal Lower lung phase

While Using the AerMAX, NEVER do any of the following

Note: All images are Trademark property of Aeror Pty Ltd, and are Copyright © 2011 Aeror Pty Ltd

No Swallow breathingNo rapid breathingNo short breathingNot bladder belowNot shorter aboveNot posture slouched

What do I achieve through using the AerMAX Airflow Amplifier and Deep Breathing Tool?

From day one, your airflow will feel deeper. After a few days of regular training, your airflow will feel coordinated and controlled. Your breathing will feel slower, deeper and longer. You will feel revitalised as a result of this. After several weeks of using the AerMAX Airflow Amplifier and Deep Breathing Tool, your airflow can instantly feel activated anytime, anywhere.

AerMAX Airflow Amplifier and Deep Breathing Tool
The AerMAX Airflow Amplifier and Deep Breathing Tool comes with a AerWedge™ Carrycase for easy storage and transport.
Carrycase for easy storage and transport.
Controlled Deep Breathing
Controlled Deep Breathing

Is the AerMAX Airflow Amplifier and Deep Breathing Tool right for me?

Yes. If you want to develop airflow awareness so you can break through the shallow breathing barrier by amplifying airflow.

Remember to consult a healthcare professional if you have specific medical needs. The AerMAX Airflow Amplifier and Deep Breathing Tool is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or illness.

Wanda Guenette
"It works! I highly recommend it for anybody! Used before, between and after a workout ; it gives you a super boost of oxygen energy!" - Wanda Guenette Gold Medallist 2005 & 2009 World Masters Games 1996 Atlanta Olympics Volleyball Team Canada

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Box Dimension (in/cm) Weight (oz/g)
2.95x1.85x1.85, Length 6 / 7.5x4.7x4.7 0.6 / 17
It's Awesome! Training for one and a half hours, I don’t feel as tired as usual when training for just 1 hour. You definitely can feel the energy boost. This is the longest workout I’ve had ever. Aeror Airflow Amplifiers defintely help lift energy during and recovery after your workout!

It helps with concentration and focus on the breathing so you can perform your best! I can feel it inflating and expanding my lungs! Thanks Aeror for helping me win the Gold Medal!

I'm doing it and loving it! I use it when I do my meditation in the morning and I can really feel it. It really works. Aeror Airflow Amplifiers are unbelievable products. I can immediately feel the difference! its amazing such a small thing can make such a big difference!

The best dancers have great breathing. Using Aeror Deep Breathers you can train for a dancer’s breathing. The devices are really helpful to get you used to the correct way of breathing - maximising the use of your diaphragm - to ensure free-flowing dancing!

Daily for 3 weeks, I covered around 10-20km filming & interviewing celebrity walkers along the Great Wall of China, carrying 20kg of cameras & equipment… When I got my hands on the Aerator… I felt it gave me endurance to go the distance… I could hang It around my neck, and get that refreshing burst of air to keep me focused at all times! I was always one step ahead of fatigue, thanks to the Aerator aiding my concentration!

This is amazing! It really helps pump you up full of oxygen; which gives you more strength, stamina, vibrance and vitality! And guess what? It improves your mental concentration too - which reduces stress, making you feel more happy and alive throughout the day. Truly Amazing Product!

If they thought the road home was going to be easy they were soon to find out otherwise. Today’s was probably the steepest climb they have faced. Their lungs burned, their thighs ached and their calf muscles stung, they often stopped to bend over and catch their breath. Aeready Aerator came in handy

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