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Aircraft Cabin Harmonizer Disk

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Finally, a noxious energy harmonizer that converts the overwhelming Positive Ion noxious energies experienced in an aircraft cabin, to healthy Negative Ion.

The Aircraft Cabin Harmonizer allows the passenger to breathe easier, feel fresher longer without feeling physically ill.

Product field testing using Body Biofeedback during the development of the Cabin Harmonizer found that all stress on the nervous and meridian system were completely removed, and the Negative Ion resonance enabled the passengers to experience a very relaxed and nausea free flight.

The Cabin Harmonizer utilises a new state of the art resonance technology called Stand Alone Negative Ion Technologies, or SANIT.

Aircraft cabinSANIT enables the Orgonium, or other material medium, to activate its Negative Ion harmonizing resonance to a pre-determined field of effect without having to be in contact with a hard activating surface or being plugged into the electrical system.

Aircraft cabin spaces have the same amount of energy depleting Positive Ions that an electrical substation has! At only 6 cm diameter, the disk is small enough to fit inside your standard size carry on luggage.

SANIT, being short for sanitise, implies that all dirty or noxious energies in the air are sanitised to become healthy and fresh.

The Disk is also suitable for use in light aircraft, buses, trains, in public spaces such as shopping centres, hospitals, Government Buildings or near electrical sub stations or power lines.

Material Color Dimension (in/cm) Weight oz/g)
Resin Green Diameter 2.3 / 5.9 2.1 / 59
Since I put your harmonizer in my carry-on luggage, I no longer get sicker the higher the plane flies! It’s brilliant! My work sometimes involves flying around NSW to deliver training. I can now get off a flight, walk sure-footed, and get straight into a hire car and drive it. A lot different than sitting in a taxi trying not to be sick ’til I could get to my hotel and lay down for 2-3 hours. I am so RELIEVED! Thank you so much!

As an energy sensitive individual, I carried this aircraft cabin harmonizer disk in my car along with the car harmonizer plug in. Not only it protects me in the car, but also outside energies as well. I agree with the other reviewer mention that it has a "clearing, balancing, calming effect".


The Aircraft Cabin Harmonizer has exceeded my expectations about it's effectiveness.

Actually sensed its elevated vibratory frequency on opening the package it arrived in. Have been driving with it in my car. Generates a clearing, balancing, calming effect... causing you to become quite attached to it.

Cannot imagine that the Area Neutralizer Dome can be more powerful!


Hi Greg, I had a super amazing time in Peru! It was great to try out the Aircraft Harmonizer for the first time…I’m so happy with it. I have never done a big flight like that, but I got off at the end like it hadn’t happened, I felt grounded and relaxed and not at all like I had been breathing in recycled air!

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