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Car Harmonizer


Car Harmonizer

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  • Neutralizes the harmful electrical field from high currents generated in a car's auto electrical system making you less fatigued while driving
  • functions as a double USB port allowing you to recharge up to 2 phones while driving. The phone recharger facility will recharge any phone - if you can recharge it on your computer, you'll be able to recharge it using the car harmonizer.

Car Harmonizers instructionThe Car EMR Harmonizer is a totally portable Electromagnetic Radiation neutralizer which eliminates all noxious EMR energies caused by the cars electrical system, and also eliminates the depleting effects of other outside noxious energies such as Earth Magnetic Grid lines while driving.

The EMR field produced by the cars electrical system totally engulfs all
occupants, placing them in a dangerous Positive Ion field which deprives its occupants of oxygen and depletes them of energy and causes nausea and fatigue. Concentration levels for the driver area also affected by these noxious energies.

The frequency of Earth Magnetic Grid lines that pass under the car while driving also has as debilitating affect on the occupants which exacerbates the already noxious energies within the car.

The Harmonizer works similar to the Geoclense for buildings. One has to feel the very tangible difference in driving experience to appreciate just how well this device works!!

The Harmonizer is simply plugged into the cars auxiliary power socket (cigarette lighter) on the dash or other sockets whichever may be more convenient.

The benefits of installing the Harmonizer are;

  • Greatly reduces driver fatigue
  • Greatly Reduced car sickness for passengers
  • Driver and occupants travel and arrive in a happier state of mind
  • Increase in oxygen levels for the occupants
  • A more harmonious and energetic travelling environment

The harmonizer does not require batteries or re-charging. It runs off the car's own electrical system and is totally portable.

Recent modifications in the technology used to produce these devices has made them effectively stand alone. When you drive your car using the car harmonizer, you are effectively driving in a protective bubble where you are protected from all forms of Geopathic stress.

Can be used in any car as long as it is fitted with a typical 12 Volt auxiliary power socket which all vehicles are fitted with. All cars internationally use the same socket fitting so it will work on any car.

Can be used in a 12Volt double adapter should a socket be required to supply power to another appliance.

Harmonizes radiation from mobile phone for cars fitted with in car hands free kits.

Car Harmonizer Color Dimension (in/cm) Weight (oz/g)
White 1.73 / 4.4 0.4 / 10

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Question I am wondering what the difference is between the airplane cabin harmonizer and the car harmonizer?

You really need to have the car harmonizer plugged into your car’s electrical system to achieve the protection you need. If you simply use the aircraft harmonizer, you will not get that protection. The aircraft harmonizer is more designed for a tube moving at high speed through the air, where there is positive ions accumulated on the inside of the aircraft which make you feel nauseous. The car harmonizer works in a different way and has to contact the wiring, similar to how the geoclense works. If the geoclense does not touch the wiring, it only creates a protection field of perhaps 1 meter, whereas when it touches the electrical wiring, the wiring in the home becomes part of the geoclense achieving the full protection. This is the same principal with the car harmonizer.