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Orgone Ener-Bottle


Orgone Ener-Bottle

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The Ener-bottle is a 825mL Laboratory Grade Plastic Drinking Water Bottle that has been energized through a unique technique using healthy Negative Ions.
The process of energizing the bottle results in adjusting ordinary tap or commercially available water into healthy living water with energetic qualities similar to that found in pristine spring water.
Improved Water Hydration
The energetic qualities of the Ener-bottle produces a decrease in the surface tension of the water, which in turn enables better cell penetration and hydration. This has an overall effect of allowing the water to deliver more vital nutrients into bodily cells at a deeper level of hydration.
pH Adjustment
The energizing process that takes place within seconds of being filled with water typically has a minor alkalizing effect on the pH balance of the water, which many of us require to help balance the acidity from foods and other liquids we may consume daily. Added to this is the fact that most people are to some degree permanently dehydrated, simply because they do not drink enough good quality water. Note For the optimum pH adjustment, we recommend the Alkalizer Flask.
Conversion of Dead Water to Water Full of Life Force
The unique energizing technology neutralizes toxic ingredients and bacteria found in tap water, which is commonly known as dead water, and improves the taste of the water or other liquids significantly.
At the same time it gently energizes the internal organs which helps to increase overall energy levels and well-being. People who are in tune with their bodies, or those with developed energy sensitivity, enjoy the energy balancing experience as the water flows down the throat, and then into the digestive system organs.
BPA FreeA BPa and Plasticizer Free Water Bottle
The Ener-bottle is manufactured from laboratory grade plastic squeeze bottle which has been scientifically formulated and tested to NOT produce or leach the harmful chemical Bisphenol-A (BPa) after constant re-use.
There has been considerable research into BPA since the late nineties. Researchers find that BPA is a difficult substance to nail down; it doesn't behave like a typical toxin. While other chemicals labeled as toxic have clear-cut impacts (asbestos exposure leads to cancer, lead poisoning causes reduced mental capacity), BPA is sneakier. Rather than harm the body outright, BPA is an endocrine disruptor. It changes the way our body's hormones function, mimicking our own natural hormones -- in this case, estrogen. Estrogen can alter the behavior of more than 200 genes, which control the growth and repair of nearly every organ and tissue in the body. The majority of water bottles on the market today contain BPA, but the Ener-Bottle is free from this potentially dangerous chemical.
water tastes fresher and I like how the bottle holds in my hand. Very nicely designed.

You can taste the difference in the water.

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