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Orgone Super Kit


Orgone Super Kit

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Everything you need to protect your home or office provided in the one kit, as well as an off site evaluation of your premises by a geomancy expert to customize exactly where to place each item!

This kit is of exceptional value, and includes the following items;

3 x Orgone Energy Pendants
3 x Mobile Phone Harmonizers
1 x Quan Yin Schumann Generator
1 x Buddha Schumann Generator
2 x Car Harmonizers
1 x Orgone Geoclense
1 x Stellar Dome
1 x Water Rejuvenator Disc
1 x Improved Sporting Performance Wrist Band
1 x Aircraft Cabin Harmonizer Disc

To place your order, select your Geoclense Plug type, Wrist Band Size, Preferred Neutralizer Dome Color, Buddha Color, and your Preferred Pendant Colors from the above options, and then click the Add to Cart button

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