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Orgone Family Pack






Orgone Family Pack

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The Family Pack includes many essentials to protect all your family members from noxious, unhealthy energy created by all forms of EMR, RF, WIFI, Geopathic stress and Bioplasmic radiation. 

You will receive 2 x Geoclense for your home and workplace, 5 x pendants for personal energy protection when everyone's out and about, 10 x mobile phone radiation harmonizers for all your phones, tablets, laptops and portable devices, and 2 car harmonizers that neutralize the electrical system, fuel tank and earth radiation.

The Family Pack also includes 5 x Watch Harmonizers and 5 x Ionic Toothbrushes.  Having a watch in contact with the skin may interfere with meridian energy and nervous system and may also create resonant stress in other organs in the body.  The reason for using a toothbrush with Ionized bristles is that the Negative charge resonance from the bristles ionizes the saliva which then attracts the plaque, which has a Positive charge.

The Orgone Family Pack includes;

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