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Orgone Geoclense

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Are you 5G ready?

A vast 5G infrastructure is now being rolled out and ready to go. Protect yourself and your family with the Geoclense®

Both the Stellar Dome and the Geoclense will harmonize 5G microwave radiation, rendering it safe to the human body. You can read the real facts about 5G radiation in this article by Gerard Bini, the developer.

Neutralizes noxious EMR fields unique to buildings in the home and workplace.

The December 2018 issue of The Lancet stated “A recent evaluation of 2266 studies (including in-vitro and in-vivo studies in human, animal, and plant experimental systems and population studies) found that most studies (n=1546, 68·2%) have demonstrated significant biological or health effects associated with exposure to anthropogenic electromagnetic fields.

The Geoclense is a healthy, negative charge resonance field generator designed to balance the noxious, unhealthy positive charge resonance created by all forms of EMR, RF, Wi/Fi, Earth Radiation and Bioplasmic Radiation.

  • For average sized homes, large homes, and buildings.
  • Protects the building as well as the grounds surrounding the building.
  • There is no limit to the size of the property. You can be in a small flat or a large farm with hundreds of hectares of land and it will all be fully protected.
  • Plug it into ANY power point in your home (does not need to be centrally located).

The ultimate geomancy harmonizer which will harmonize ALL forms of harmful noxious energy emissions, including;

The Geoclense harmonizes all Geopathic Stress and Electromagnetic Radiation in buildings including ALL the following;

Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) produced by…

  • Digital TVs
  • Smart Meters
  • Baby Monitors
  • Bluetooth Devices
  • Microwave Ovens
  • Laptops and Tablets
  • Fluorescent Lighting
  • Electrical Appliances
  • Mobile Phone Towers and G5 
  • High Voltage Power Lines
  • Wi/Fi Routers and Modems
  • Cordless and Mobile Phones
  • Artificial Heating and Cooling
  • Noxious Resonance from Mold and Fungus

Read what the American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) says about how EMF and RF frequencies effect our health.

Earth Radiation (Geopathic Stress) produced by…

  • Seismic Fault Lines
  • Underground Water Veins
  • Drinking water, sewer, storm and gray water pipes
  • Radioactive Geological Matter (For example Uranium and Coal)
  • Hartman, Curry, Benker & 400-meter Earth Magnetic Grid Lines

Bioplasmic Radiation (Human Generated) imprinting produced by…

  • Juvenile emotional stress
  • Illnesses and diseased organs
  • Death imprints/” Paranormal” Activity
  • Previous occupants’ emotional distress
  • Negative psychic impressions/Psychic attacks

Solar and Planetary Radiation imprinting produced by…

Development of the Geoclense

Pioneered by Gerard Bini, the Geoclense was developed by professional geomancers and EMF consultants over many years. Using methods such as Kinesiology, Bioresonance, Lecher Antenna and Biotensor testing that we have performed on the many competitive devices on the market, strongly indicate a placebo only effect. Many other devices on the market will typically only handle 3 forms of geopathic stress, and they can cost as much as $1000. Research has also shown that many of them work inefficiently reducing geopathic stress by 30%. The Geoclense device is 100% effective. Click here to see how the Geoclense compares with some other competitive devices.OEA Logo

"A good example of the Geoclense efficiency being, having recently holidayed at an 11-story apartment building, which had four mobile phone panels on its roof - the equivalent of staying in a Mobile Phone Tower. The presence of the phone panels virtually made the building uninhabitable due to the extremely noxious Electromagnetic energies created by the phone panels. Immediately upon arrival in our room we plugged in the Geoclense, and within seconds the Electromagnetic Radiation and Earth Magnetic Radiation from the Benker grids were cleared, even though they were still there, I could no longer feel them stressing the body. The whole building and surrounding area was harmonized" Gerard Bini, Developer of the Geoclense

How it Works

The Geoclense works by harmonizing the electrical wiring circuit in a building. In effect the wiring in the building becomes an antenna to the Geoclense, making it work to harmonize incoming noxious energies which are described above.

By using the harmonic frequencies of nature, we create harmony with our technology.  The GEOCLENSE Home and Work Harmonizer is programmed to neutralize noxious EMR fields unique to buildings.

The Geoclense also harmonizes any noxious energy emitted from appliances connected to the harmonized circuit. Because EMR is a major contributor to the deterioration of the natural earth magnetic grids such as Ley Lines, Benker Grids and Water Veins, Geopathic Stress is also completely harmonized within the building(s), which the Geoclense is operating.

Even though the power point switch is turned on, the Geoclense is not using any electricity but is neutralizing it simply accessing the electrical circuit, making the Geoclense completely safe to use. When the device is switched on, the space feels lighter and clearer and the well being of the people restored creating a healthier and happier home or office environment. The more sensitive you are to feeling energies, the quicker you will notice the difference. Others who are less sensitive to these subtle energies will notice this over time.

The Geoclense has an effective range which will harmonize to the boundaries of the smallest or largest properties. This means not only is your home protected but your property grounds are as well!


To activate the Geoclense simply plug it into ANY power point in your home or office (Does NOT need to be centrally located). If your electrical wall socket has a power switch, ensure it is switched on (note that there is no switch located on the Geoclense device). Your entire home or workplace will immediately become free of noxious energy emmissions.

"The geoclense has evolved to being much more than just a powerful radiation harmonizer. Over the years there are so many more built in programs that deal with negative energy imprints, things that you are often not aware of affecting your psyche, mood and ultimately your long term health. Geoclense is a must have for every family." Gerard Bini, Developer of the Geoclense

Orgone Geoclense Color Dimension (in/cm) Weight (lbs/g)
Light Green 3.6x2x0.68 / 9x5x1.7 0.19 / 88


Great product! I would definitely recommend. I am buying some for my children's homes. Since plugging it in, I have felt much calmer and now sleep much deeper!

I am not sure but we definitely sleep better.. Delivery was very fast and I sm anyway happy I bought this product. I can reccomend.

This product is amazing! Profoundly noticeable differences in my sleep patterns as well my Cognitive Skills: and Capacities. Absolutely A must have!

I think this product is great. Since placing it in my home it has assisted all family members including myself to sleep better, and also be more alert while watching TV, or just doing computer work. I highly recommend it to anybody that is needing to feel more energized and enjoy a deeper sleep.

I've been using the Geocleanse for about a month now, but noticed a difference in the energy of the house almost immediately after plugging it in.

As someone who is very sensitive to energetic fields, I have to say the Geocleanse is the best product I've used. I'm not exhausted at the end of the day like I was before and my young daughter's under eye dark circles reduced dramatically within a few days of plugging it in.

It's a truly amazing device.

I only put 4 stars because I'm using the Geocleanse device since only 2 weeks in my home and in my professional office. My first impression is that I feel calmer. I also noticed that I'm not as tired as before when I finish my work day.

This is the 3rd Geoclense I purchased. I can certainly feel some difference. I am more relaxed and am able to sleep better when it is plugged into the outlet. I can also take it with me when I travel.

For quite a while I have been troubled with Low frequencies rising at night, ruining my sleep. Since these are low frequencies, from an unknown malicious source (possibly HAARP), EMF shielding fabrics hasn't helped at all. Fortunately, since I plugged in the Geoclense I've been sleeping a lot better. Headaches from radiation is more faint, and I sleep deeper with fewer interruptions. I would say a 70% improvement. Many thanks for making this available! Sadly protection like this has become a necessity in this insane, hostile world of incompetent leadership.

This is my second geocleanse (bought from another store before) and I have never written a review on it so here I go. Like most people describe it I feel a subtle change after plugging it in. A Positive feeling. My intuition tells me It´s working and I believe that. If you feel that you are drawn to buying one, trust yourself. I´ll leave it at that. It was a slow delivery, Though I live in Sweden, Im glad it arrived.

I bought one for myself and my Son. I felt a difference in the house when I plugged it in. I feel less weak when I work in my computer room. I feel the house feels lighter. I like knowing that I am protected from EMF's, etc... Between the Geoclense and the two necklaces I bought, I feel like I am protecting my health and hope to have some healing benefits too. Thanks for your products!

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Question Are these geoclenses the same ones made by Orgone Effects Australia?

Yes. Orgone Effects Australia are our supplier. You can check with them to validate this.

Question How popular and effective is the Geoclense?

Out of our 1400 products, they are our #1 selling products worldwide. They are VERY effective and are used by me personally family and friends, and they have been assessed by the most critical electrohypersensitive and energy sensitive individuals worldwide. They are the single most effective solution for combating sick building syndrome or geopathic stress that I know of worldwide, in my 27 years of assessing such products.

Question Is there a link that shows scientifically how the geoclense neutralizes your whole house?

Reply from Greg Hernon, founder of Natures Energies: The testimonials is probably the best proof that we currently have as no investment into scientific studies have been done to date. This is due to the mechanism by which it works being beyond scientific understanding. Radionics is one of the mechanisms by which it works and science currently does not recognise radionics. The developer of the geoclense is a gifted individual who is able to feel energies and I know him personally. I am a materials scientist and I have been looking for explanation on how it works for over 10 years but cannot give explanation in scientific terms. All the observation is from personal experience and anecdotal reports which are not statistical in nature. I have used it now since around 2008 and it works as described on https://www.naturesenergieshealth.com/health/orgone-energy/orgone-geoclense/. People who come to my home also notice it in saying that my home feels really nice and many others I have spoken with say the same. Many of the people who have them I have noticed are always at the same addresses which is suggestive, and I have sold over 1000 of them over the last 10 years. I feel energy not to the extent of the inventor who is gifted, and have tried many other devices but this one seems to work 100% and so I keep using it. When I go places that are not protected by the geoclense or the pendant I feel that too as the soup of electronic interference is upon us. Some people ask me what is the one product out of the 1500 that we stock to be the best investment and I always say the geoclense.

Question How long does it take the Geoclense to work?

You will find the effect of the geoclense immediate in harmonizing geopathic stress issues. It will take 2-4 days for your home to become adjusted. You will observe this conversion with a great night's sleep.

Question Should the Geoclense be switched on 24 hours/day?

Yes - it doesn't consume any power at all - it simply touches the electrical wiring making the wiring effectively produce life force or orgone energy throughout the home.

Question I am interested to learn the maximum square footage that the Orgone Geoclense can harmonize.

The Geoclense uses sophisticated radionic programming to determine the size of the area that it will cover. I had a report from one geomancer where he was testing a 20 acre farming property (home and grazing land), and the property was equally harmonized to just a little beyond the fence line as a result of the Geoclense. He was unable to locate the ley lines until he went to beyond the property boundaries. Other geomancers have reported small units being fully protected with the range not extending much beyond the walls. My personal home is also protected to the fence line and partly into the road. Your home will easily be covered as will your grounds to the property borderline. I know of many larger properties where the reports from geomancers assessing the home and property has been positive.

Question Is the Orgone Geoclense portable, i.e. can it be used in the hotels or homes that I visit?

Absolutely! When I travel, I always take a Geoclense with me to correct my accommodation while I am staying there.

Question Ours is a very old house. Do the plugs and switches each need to be grounded for the Geoclense to work in our house? We grounded all the plugs, but the switches aren't easily accessible for grounding.

No this is not necessary. As long as you can plug the Geoclense into your power point, it will operate correctly. Even though it comes with a grounding pin, it isn't actually used. The positive and negative pins are responsible for the Geoclense functioning correctly.

Question Explain about entity attachments. What are they and how do they occur?

An entity attachment is usually created by the persons emotional pain body. Generally it is the liver meridian blockage which manifests in an entity which sits above the head and interferes with the persons wellbeing both physically and emotionally. If the person is energetically sensitive, then the entity will take over the persons true ability to perceive the energy of the surrounding environment, causing confusion.

Question If we have a Geoclense at home, do we also need to put the cell phone protector on the computer at home, particularly if on Wi-Fi?

You will not need a cell phone protector on your computer if you are running a Geoclense. You will however need a cell phone protector on devices that you take outside of your home as they will no longer be protected by the Geoclense when outside of the home.

Question Please suggest the product to purchase regarding noxious energy such as removing entities that can effect our sacred space in our homes.

Yes the Geoclense has helped many people in my experience over the last 2 years with paranormal activity and bad energies. It was developed by a gifted person who was previously (and still is) a specialist in "ghost busting".

Question How do you know it is on? No light?

There is no way of knowing that it is on as it does not consume power as such, but simply touches the electrical wiring behind the power point thereby adjusting the field of the entire wiring in the home. As long as the power point works (you can test this by plugging a lamp in and checking that the lamp works), then the Geoclense will continuously work. According to the developer, the Geoclense will never "burn out" as such as experiments are still going with early forms of the Geoclense from over 10 years ago.

Question My home consists of 2 meter boxes supplying electricity on the same property to 2 different buildings. Do I nee one or two geoclenses?

If you have the one meter box, then you will only need one Geoclense. If you have 2 meter boxes, then there are effectively 2 separate circuits in your home and you will need one Geoclense for each of the separated circuits.

Question Can the geoclense deal with paranormal activity? Will it neutralize demonic activity? Can the bad spirits adapt to the geoclense?

The Geoclense is 100% effective in removing paranormal activity, including darker entities attached to certain individual auras. Darker entities are unable to adapt.

Question I wonder if the effectiveness of the Geoclense will be bounded within the wall of the room that it is activated.

The Geoclense is not bounded by the room in which it is activated. It will do the entire home, as well as the yard surrounding the home, and usually several meters beyond the property boundaries.

Question What if I order a Orgone Geoclense plug and don't like it? What is your return / refund policy?

We do accept returns. Our returns policy details can be viewed by clicking here.

Question Am I correct in understanding that what you've done is run the 50-60 Hz through the Orgone material and that radiates to the environment?

Sort of - what happens is the material contacts the wiring and the properties of the material "harmonize" the energies being carried by the wiring making them acceptable to the human body. Without the harmonization, the frequencies unbalance, and are consequentially dangerous over the long term to the human body.

Question Does the Orgone Geoclense have to be plugged in to a central power point in the home or can it be plugged into any power point?

It is NOT necessary to plug the Geoclense into a central point. The Geoclense can be plugged into any power point in the home, as long as that power point works. Some people have smart meters next to their bedroom, but the geoclense can be plugged on the other side of the home and it will be equally effective. It does not need to be plugged in close to a major EMR or geopathic stress source.

Question Is it alright with a two way adaptor, a double adaptor or a power board with multiple points?

We usually recommend that it be plugged into a dedicated power point rather than an adapter for maximum effectiveness.

Question I'm interested in the Geoclense. Is this also a Schumann resonance generator?

The Geoclense is also a Schumann generator, except a very much more effective one. The reason for this is the entire wiring system that penetrates throughout your home becomes harmonized, acting effectively as a Schumann generator.

Question How long will the geoclense last? Does it need to be recharged from time to time?

The Geoclense will work permanently, but we do recommend that you replace the Geoclense with a new one approximately once every 2 years. This allows the technology in your home to keep up with new discoveries as they are made and remedies are programmed.

Should you choose to never re-purchase a unit, your Geoclense will still treat 99% of all forms of geopathic stress including EMR, microwave beams etc.

Question How well does the upgraded geoclense contain or neutralise underground water disturbances that produce microwaves.

The Geoclense is 100% effective in harmonizing microwaves from all known sources. It was one of the original functions built into the Geoclense when it was first developed.

Question Will geoclense help get a woman pregnant?

Yes the geoclense can help a woman get pregnant, especially if geopathic stress from such issues as EMR, mobile phone radiation or microwave radiation are inhibiting the natural processes from taking place. This has been observed by the geomancer rsponsible for development of these devices. We do however advise that you consult your doctor if you are having problems to determine if there are any primary reasons to why you may not be getting pregnant.

Question Will the geocleanse be useful in a small farm with cow, pigs? Is there a device that will make vegetables and grass grow fast for grazing of the cow and food for the pigs?

The geoclense will help the livestock to a great degree. They too are subjected to geopathic stress which in turn stresses their organs and results in long term disease issues. Installing a geoclense on your farm will not only be of benefit to you and your family. It will help all your livestock and will reduce vet bills in the long run. It won't however help vegetables and grass to grow faster. For this, we recommend that you invest in an Inert Gas Device (see the case study where produce was grown with and without an Inert Gas Device)

Question I travel to different countries. Is your Geoclense adaptable between 120 and 240 volts?

Yes. The Geoclense is adaptable to 120 and 240 volts. All that you need to do is purchase a travel mate so that the Geoclense fits the power socket for the country that you are visiting. Note that there is no circuitry in the Geoclense. By plugging into the wall socket the Geoclense transfers the negative charge onto the wiring which then dominates the wiring. Which means that RF, EMF and earth radiation fields have a negative field, rather than a positive field. The benefit of radiation fields having a negative is that the fields then no long create a resonant stress on organs, where the positive charge EMF fields do create resonant stress on organs.

Question Does the Geoclense carry a warranty?

Our Geoclense devices do have a warranty period of 12 months for defective manufacture. All Geoclense devices are tested prior to being released for sale to ensure that they properly work.

Question Am I correct in understanding that what you've done is run the 50-60 Hz through the Orgone material and that radiates to the environment?

Sort of - what happens is the material contacts the wiring and the properties of the material "harmonize" the energies being carried by the wiring making them acceptable to the human body. Without the harmonization, the frequencies unbalance, and are consequentially dangerous over the long term to the human body.

Question What do you think about the Geoclense handling radiation, as in Japan's disaster spreading everywhere?

The Geoclense is not designed to handle the chemical nature or particles emitted from nuclear radiation. It will however remove the energy imprint of nuclear radiation.

Question Does the geoclense or lose potency over any time frame?

Reply from Greg Hernon: No ... mine is still active after 10 years. I have asked this of the inventor and he has said that he has tested them over time since the earliest one was developed in 2000, and they still work today (only improved!).