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Orgone Home and Work Essentials Kit






Orgone Home and Work Essentials Kit

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The basic kit for protecting yourself in the home, while travelling to and from work and at the office ....

We have compiled a kit consisting of the essential items you will need for protection yourself at home, at work and while commuting.

We spend just as much time in our workplace as we do in our home.  In our work environments, we may be surrounded by computers, WIFI, electronic equipment, fluorescent lighting, mobile phone towers etc. The Geoclense is designed to balance noxious, unhealthy energy created by all forms of EMR, RF, WIFI, Bioplasmic and Earth Radiation to a healthier, negative charge resonance.  The Geoclense also neutralizes harmful fields created by personal negative psychic attacks/impressions, especially if the workplace is in a competitive industry, as business competitors’ negative psychic impressions can be very harmful to everyone in the workplace. 

The Home and Work Essentials Kit consists of the following essential items;

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Great kit, definitely needed it at my workplace. Can feel a difference in me and the feel of the place. Also gives me a peace of mind with my children and all their electric devices at home. Great product and great deal. Thank you.

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