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Dr Emoto Water Blessing Labels - Personal Growth


Dr Emoto Water Blessing Labels - Personal Growth

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Example of use for Personal Growth Water Blessing LabelsThe PERSONAL GROWTH Water Blessing Labels are powerful tools in bringing specific qualities and values to your attention. Like water, they travel to the depths of your being. Bringing forth wisdom from within that moves, inspires and transforms.
By placing your intuitively chosen words on your water bottle, you are activating the re-patterning of those water molecules (as shown by Dr. Emoto’s water crystals).
By consuming, bathing and surrounding yourself with this water, you are transforming the water in your own cells to higher vibrations. Blessed healing waters act as a catalyst for personal transformation.
Inside each package
  • 16 Crystal clear, re-usable, static cling labels
  • 16 Inspirational cut-out Blessing Cards.
Love using these on our drinking water, they are easily removable and durable.

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