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Dr Emoto Water Blessing Labels - Healing Medicine






Dr Emoto Water Blessing Labels - Healing Medicine

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Example of use for Healing Medicine Water Blessing LabelsFor thousands of years water has been used for its healing and transformative qualities.
The HEALING MEDICINE Water Blessing Labels are powerful allies on your courageous journey of healing. Charge your water with frequencies of vibrancy, nurturance and breakthrough. Or for a gentler day a blessing of balance, serenity and wholeness will give you strength.
By placing your intuitively chosen words on your water bottle, you are activating the re-patterning of those water molecules (as shown by Dr. Emoto’s water crystals).
By consuming, bathing and surrounding yourself with this water, you are transforming the water in your own cells to higher vibrations. Blessed healing waters as catalysts towards better health and quality of life.
Inside each package
  • 16 Crystal clear, re-usable, static cling labels
  • 16 Inspirational cut-out Blessing Cards.

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Dr Emoto Water Blessing Labels - Healing Medicine

Dr Emoto Water Blessing Labels - Healing Medicine

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