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Schumann Water Rejuvenator Generator Disc


Schumann Water Rejuvenator Generator Disc

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  • Removes energy imprints from the water you drink making it taste better and safer for your body.
  • Can be used to cleanse crystals (or remove collected energy imprints from crystals)

Dead water with the life force replacedThe Schumann Water Rejuvenator Disc has essentially the same properties as the Quan Yin and Buddha Schumann Generators.

With the shape of the Schumann Generator Disc, you can easily energize a glass of drinking water or a cup of tea with life force simply by placing the glass or cup of liquid onto the disc for a minimum of 5 seconds. The disk lowers the surface tension of the water thus allowing greater cell hydration when consumed. Still capable of harmonizing EMR and Geopathic stress where ever it is stored because it is essentially a larger Schumann Generator.

Orgone charged water tastes softer and slightly sweeter and is noticeable by its energized feeling in your stomach, and also improves the taste of other liquids such as juices and wines, along with food. Body lotions, tonics and shampoos improve their effectiveness after being charged and their residual energies removed with the disk.

Crystals that have accumulated a lower resonance and need cleansing can be re-balanced with the rejuvenator disk.

Some people have a disc stored permanently on their kitchen bench while others store one in the toilet cistern to counter the negative effects of sewerage pipes traversing below the floor (which create unhealthy positive ions above the floor).

  • Need something a little larger, or something that harmonizes foods as well as water? Then be sure to look at the Food and Drink Re-Energizer.
Schumann Water Rejuvenator Disc Color Dimension (in/cm) Weight (oz/g)
Blue Diameter: 4/10
Height: 0.08/0.2
0.9 / 26
Question Can the water rejuvenator disc cleanse crystals? For how long must it be on the disc?

Yes. 5 minutes. The rejuvenator disc is far more effective at clearing crystals than leaveing them in moonlight, running water etc. Try it and feel the difference for yourself!

Question I am unsure about the difference, other than the size, of the water, and the food generators.

There is no difference between the water disc and the larger food disc, except for color and size. They both receive the same special treatments when they are made, and therefore have the same properties.

Question Which way should the disc be used - with pattern up or down?

When using the disc, it is recommended that the pattern side point upwards, and that the glass or water be placed on that side.

I like to charge my daily bottled water with this - gives me a great energized feeling.

I thought I'd try the Water Rejuvenator Disk, not expecting a lot but hoping for maybe a little improvement in the taste of water; I was surprised at the difference. Tap water now tastes like the best bottled spring water I've ever had.

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