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The Easy Alkalizer Alkapod






The Easy Alkalizer Alkapod - Double Filter Unit

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Material Color Dimension (in/cm) Weight (oz/g)
Stainless Steel Metal 7.8" tall x 2.7" diameter / 20 cm tall x 6.8 cm diameter: 300mL capacity 15.7 / 447
Question Are there any books on alkaline water? Can the water be placed in a microwave? Is it ok to feed the water to pets?

You may wish to check with amazon.com for books on alkalized water. There are also plenty on alkalized foods and diets which are interesting. I would be careful microwaving your water. It won’t alter pH or anything, but it will geopathically stress the water making the energies incorrect for consumption. You can overcome this by using a geoclense or a water rejuvenator disc, both which are available through our web site which would make anything coming out the microwave safe. You cannot feed Alkalized water to cats or use it in fish tanks. It is very dangerous to their health.

Question What is the water capacity of the Alkalizer? What quality water should be used in the Alkalizer?

The capacity is 400mL. Only clean drinking water (unsoiled) should be added to the alkalizer (e.g., tap water if it is safe to drink, bottled water, purified water etc).

Question Can this bottle alkalize TAP water, or do I still have to buy bottled water?

You do not need to buy bottled water. The alkalizer will easily alkalize tap water.

It is amazing to me that this product exists. Thank you so much! Other filtering products / machines cost $4,000 or more. Although it seems like a lot to put out at first even for this, knowing that I have good water to drink from now on makes this a bargain. Oh, and thanks for the quick shipping.

I've not felt this good for 15 years! My dermatitis has almost completely gone and the itching has all but stopped. I can't begin to tell you how the quality of my life has improved! At the same time as the Alkalizer arrived, I had started a regimen of various vitamin/dietary supplements. I've stopped them. Over that period, the only constant was my use of the Alkalizer - indeed I've found that if I didn't take the 2 litres/day I could notice a difference!! I drink nothing but alkalised water, if I have tea (usually green) or coffee (not many) it's made on alkaline water. We prepare the water by using filtered water and then into the Alkalizer for at least 10 min's. Neither my wife nor I can believe the difference there is from being on alkaline water for only 2 months!

Alan was at the market on the weekend when a customer approached to thank him for recommending the Alkalizer. She had been using another alkalising product for some time but she was struggling with the cost. We had suggested that the Alkalizer was much cheaper. After 2 months with the Alkalizer she has managed to stop using HRT which she had been on for 15 years. The hot flushes have gone.

Thank you for a prompt reply to my order. All arrived in great shape and I am using the alkalizing Alkapod daily. What an easy way to get alkalizing water. I usually make up a quart or so of water while getting breakfast or at dinner time while working in the kitchen. I know it takes awhile for the body to be alkalized at the cellular level but I think I can already feel a difference

I just love my Alkalizer and I am starting to feel so much more energetic, something I haven't felt for a long time with all the illness I have had.....and its only been a few weeks so that's truly awesome. Doing an alkaline diet too and that is really great...real health changes starting to happen and I am having so much fun doing all this and its all so positive!

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