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House Clearing - A Smudging and Energy Work Guide






House Clearing - A Smudging and Energy Work Guide



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This comprehensive house clearing, cleansing and protection work book covers everything that you need to know on the subject. Learn how to use white sage to smudge, singing bowls, Tingshas and Tibetan bells to break and clear stagnant and negative energy. Ask for the Archangels to energetically remove negativity and progress Earthbound entities into the higher realms of existence. Learn how to use dowsing rods and work on ley lines to clear black streams within the Earth to heal and promote wellness and happiness for those living above them.

Karen shares her knowledge gained from many years of experience. Many people feel overwhelmed by negativity in their home and by the things that go bump in the night. Karen has cleared many homes and businesses from negativity entities, energies and earth bound entities. Karen knows that if you, the reader, follow everything that is contained within the pages of this step by step guide book, you should have only positive influences in and around you and your home.

Karen Bernabo is an experienced practicing spiritual teacher, clairvoyant medium, spirit healer, Angelic Reiki/Seichem healer/teacher, past life regression therapist, N.L.P. Master practitioner and teacher, public speaker, crystal healer with color and sound therapy, meditation facilitator, intuitive tarot teacher, Shamballa 1024 Reiki master, chakra balancing facilitator, and author of spiritual books, guided visualization meditational journeys and psychic development/mediumship classes on audio.

Paperback: 128 Pages. Size: 226 x 150 x 8mm

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House Clearing - A Smudging and Energy Work Guide

House Clearing - A Smudging and Energy Work Guide

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