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Medicine Wheel Mini Chart






Medicine Wheel Mini Chart

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The Medicine Wheel Mini Chart examines native American shamanic wisdom. Totem animals are described, along with the characteristics they represent, keywords and spirit guides. The chart also features a medicine divination wheel.

How to use the medicine wheel 

To use the Medicine Wheel as a divination device, all you need are six small pebbles, three white and three black. If you do not have pebbles, you can use buttons or round pieces of cardboard. Place these Into your pocket so that you cannot know their color. Now formulate your question clearly, even write it down. Reach into your pocket and pull out three pebbles. Hold them in your closed hand over the Medicine Wheel and while concentrating on the question, drop them onto the wheel, one after the other. A white pebble indicates that you need to develop the strength of the animal in whose segment the pebble has landed. If the pebble is black, it may indicate that this animal's strength is dominating your situation. If all pebbles are white, expect rapid progress. If all are black, proceed with caution. The FIRST STONE relates to the essence of your question. It cuts through your wishes and desires and connects to the innermost truth See your question from the perspective of this animal's nature. The SECOND STONE may suggest a possible answer to your question. Try to imagine a resolution through the eyes of this animal. The THIRD STONE indicates what will happen after you have acted according to the second stone's suggestions. Reflect on a combination of all three suggestions. Don't cast the Medicine Wheel more than once a day 

Note that the chart is double sided displaying the medicine wheel on the front, and the animals on the back.

The chart is richly illustrated and is protection coated on both sides. The chart measures 9.25 x 6.25" (235 x 160mm) in size.

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Medicine Wheel Mini Chart

Medicine Wheel Mini Chart

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