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Celtic Astrology Decoder






Celtic Astrology Decoder

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Celtic Astrology

The Celtic Astrology is based on the cycle of the moon with the year divided into 13 lunar months, each associated with a tree sacred to the Druids.

The Druids believed the human race originally descended from trees, and each tree had specific magical qualities. They encoded these mysteries in a secret Shamanic alphabet, known as the Ogham, the origin of which is ascribed to Ogma, the Celtic god of poetry.

The Decoder

The 13 tree months each correspond to;

  • a tree
  • a letter of the Ogham alphabet
  • a guardian animal
  • a Celtic god
One of the 4 wheels contained within the Decoder
One of the 4 wheels contained within the Decoder (Click to Enlarge) 

The decoder provides all information as well as a detailed character analysis for each of the 13 personality types.

It is especially interesting to compare the Celtic moon cycles with the traditional zodiac sun cycle, a task made easy using this decoder. Just spin the four wheels in the decoder and enjoy the Ancient Druids Wisdom. 

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Celtic Astrology Decoder

Celtic Astrology Decoder

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