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Moon Astrology Decoder






Moon Astrology Decoder

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Most people know their SUN Sign but are unaware of their MOON Sign. Yet it is equally as interesting and revealing. The Moon is our nearest heavenly neighbour and its influence spreads across all aspects of nature. In its 28 day cycle the Moon changes from one Zodiac Sign to the next, bearing notable sway on each one. It moves from Aries to Taurus, to Gemini, to Cancel; to Leo, to Virgo, to Libra, to Scorpio, to Sagittarius, to Capricorn, to Aquarius, to Pisces. This movement, however; is not always constant as the daily motion varies from 12 degrees to 15 degrees. (Maybe that is why Shakespeare speaks of the 'inconstant' Moon.) The Moon remains in each of the 12 Signs for 2.33 days. Without knowing the exact hour; minute and second of birth it is not always possible to pinpoint the precise Sign, but by reading the information on the two possible Signs it is easy to work out which one applies.

The sheer physical power of the Moon manifests itself daily in the ebb and flow of the ocean tides. Its regular influence on non-solids is more than symbolic and includes what Goethe called the 'human juices' which influence the emotions. The word 'moon' is similar to 'mood' or the Latin 'luna' so similar to 'lunatic'. We describe a person who is not quite rational as 'moonstruck'. Knowing the Moon Sign can give valuable information on feeling, the subconscious, the way a person deals with emotions, intuition and that part of the Self which sometimes escapes the control of logic and reason.

This Decoder provides an easy way of finding your Moon Sign. The phases from 1930 to 1990 have been pre-calculated. Only two of the four wheels need turning. Then read the concise information provided.


The decoder consists of four wheels which can be rotated to reveal important information. Each of the wheels are shown.

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Moon Astrology Decoder

Moon Astrology Decoder

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