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Music Therapy Decoder






Music Therapy Decoder

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Music Therapy by the Stars

Music is a magical medium and a powerful tool. Music can inspire and delight, soothe and relax, bring comfort and joy. Music subtly bypasses the intellectual part of the brain and connects directly with the subconscious. A national anthem arouses emotion and unites people in loyalty to their country. Religious music can create an atmosphere suitable for devotion and meditation. Rock n' Roll and folk music tends to simply make you feel good. There is music for every mood and every occasion: classical, opera, blues, gospel, chants or jazz.

All these expression are linked by the thread of creative inspiration. Irrespective of style the composer brings a special individual quality and unique energy to each musical composition.

Astrology holds that people born under the same star signs often share character traits. Their lives and outlooks can be surprisingly similar. Could it be that the stars influence composition in some delicate, subtle way?

For this Decoder, 180 selected works are classified according to their affinity with the signs of the zodiac. Each star sign divides into five sections: music for relaxation, work, meditation, energy or simply to enjoy. Three special pieces of music have been linked to the sections. If you are an Aquarian and are looking for a meditative composition, simply turn the dial to Aquarius and take note. On the other hand, if you are a Taurus and need inspiration, rotate the dial on page one and let the Decoder guide you.

The purpose of this Decoder extends much further. It is designed and intended to be an alternative gateway to classical music for all music lovers. Allow yourself to be surprised by the unexpected and let serendipity guide your choice.

By referring to this Decoder you will derive new pleasures from your existing music collection and be encouraged to enhance it in a creative way.

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Music Therapy Decoder

Music Therapy Decoder

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