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Practical Aromatherapy for Home and Garden Decoder

Practical Aromatherapy for Home and Garden Decoder

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Protect the environment and save money

Commercial household chemicals contribute significantly to environmental degradation and everyday health problems such as asthma and allergies. There are many natural methods which use essential oils and can be just as effective as supermarket products. This Decoder shows how to make your own natural home care mixtures using essential oils for every room in the house.

Use soft alternatives to gardening chemicals

Garden pests are often treated with radical poisons which pollute soil and water. Using preparations based on essential oils effectively avoids these problems especially when used in combination with companion planting. This Decoder shows how to make your own environmentally friendly garden blends which are non-poisonous and leave no lasting impact on soil or water.

Enhance the ambience of your home the natural way

Homemaking is the often undervalued art form of creating a place with an atmosphere of friendliness, comfort and warmth for a family to live in and for friends to enjoy; an ambience that is relaxing and welcoming, that evokes happiness and good memories, is visually satisfying and provides a haven from the stresses of the outside world. With the help of this Decoder you can use essential oils to create the aroma style of your home, to clean, to decorate, to protect., to deodorise and to enhance your life style.

Even your pets can benefit from essential oils

This Decoder how to make your own non-toxic flea collar and coat conditioner for your pets.

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Practical Aromatherapy for Home and Garden Decoder

Practical Aromatherapy for Home and Garden Decoder

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