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Guided Midlife Crisis CD Kit

Guided Midlife Crisis CD Kit

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Guided Midlife Crisis CD Kit

A "midlife crisis" is a common condition felt by many of us in mid years of our life, often when we feel the passing of youthfulness, and the approach of old age. A midlife crisis may typically be triggered by such events as;

  • Ageing in general
  • Menopause
  • The death of parents
  • Children leaving home

The guided mid-life crisis CD kit has been developed to help handle the trauma experienced by such an event. The kit contains the following items;

  1. CD
  2. Tension absorbing ball
  3. Good mood aromas
  4. Personality Chart

Good Mood Aromas

Irritability and melancholy are the trade marks of mid-Iife crisis. Use these aromas to help change your mood. Feeling sad? Just open the Rose Vial and enjoy the pure fragrance of rose damascena. Feeling listless? Try the Peppermint Vial. This fragrance brings energy and enthusiasm. Rub a drop into pulse points for refreshment.

Personality Chart

The best way to overcome a mid-Iife crisis is to gain understanding of your own personality. The Enneagram is an ancient and popular method of discovering the true nature of a person. The char1 guides you through a series of questions and helps you to analyse your responses to reveal your dominant personality type which will help you gain an understanding of yourself.

Tension Absorbing Ball

What triggers mid-Iife crisis? Maybe it is the knowledge that the time of youth has passed irrevocably. There may be regrets and disappointments. Perhaps not everything has been achieved and some hopes have been dashed. No surprise, that you feel tense and strangely dispirited. But don't let your frustration out on your friends and colleagues! Rather grab the Tension Absorbing Ball and squeeze it, rub it, kick it, throw it or swear at it. Like a pool of water, it will allay tension and stress and will always come back to its original shape.

The CD

Did people in the 15th century suffer from mid-Iife crisis? Probably not, because they didn't expect to live past 40. Life was uncomplicated, and the music of the time was pure and positive. This CD presents a carefully selected range of Early Music that reflects a profoundly uplifting and satisfying attitude to life. Lock the door and turn off the lights.,.listen once, twice and by the third time you will begin to experience the pleasure of release and freedom. Reflections and memories cross your mind and a powerful feeling of hope will elevate you and help you to overcome the self-doubt and melancholy that is troubling your life. It is a slow process but sublime music can and will help if you allow it to
ease your mind. The 16 tracks on this CD include fine works by Albinoni, Vivaldi, Handel, Almeida, Bach, Fasch and Heinichen.

Playing time: 64 minutes.

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