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Lightworkers Healing Method Instructional Video - Level Four: Lightbeing Connections


Lightworkers Healing Method Instructional Video - Level Four: Lightbeing Connections

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A Core Curriculum Energy Healing Class
Recorded live, Tampa FL, November, 2013
Total Length: 7 hours, 47 minutes
All video presented as downloadable .zip files (files can be unzipped for easy viewing as .mp4 files on your computer using free software available from herehere).
Lynn McGonagill, Instructor
We will present ourselves to the Lightbeings and ask them to use us as channels to heal the people around us. We will meet and experience many of the different types of Angels and Lightbeings that support life on Earth. They may include: Miners, Magnetic Services, Medics, Faerie Folk (Tiny Hands People), Screenmasters, Cordmasters, Spearmasters, Tailors, Rescue Spirits of the Light, Musicians, Construction Crew, Toxic Waste Disposers, Engineers of Light, Timekeepers, Protective Angels, Healing Angels and more.
Experiential as well as informational, this is a beautiful, transformative weekend of transmissions, breakthroughs and practice. After the transmissions occur, you will be able to practice with the Lightbeings and Angels.
Again, please come to this energy healing class come with intentions for your own growth and healing.
This is the final class of the core curriculum. After this Level Four event, please explore our higher-level classes. This is a progressive curriculum. Classes must be taken in numerical order.
View the class videos. Step into JOY. Live your Soul Plan. You can do it. You can! And what's more, by working together, each doing our part, the world transforms. It's true! Onward to the goal: ALL of us living our own individual soul plans, creating lives of JOY in a world that works!
Question Would the healer receive or take on the karma or sickness of the person being healed?

Absolutely not; quite the contrary. Through the miracle of simultaneous healing brought about by the merge, the healer is healed of whatever matching vibrations s/he carries.

Question From what octave do the Healers come from?

These Higher Dimension healers come from many different dimensions, from the fifth through the ninth dimensions and beyond, depending upon how far along the path a Lightworker goes.

Question What if I only want to work on myself?

There is personal benefit to working with other healing subjects. We are blind to what we don't know about ourselves, but our Guides know. They will send subjects who need healing on our identical issues, so we too can be healed. Paradox: the deepest healing and growth for ourselves is possible by working for others' healing and growth.

Question What are the typical mistakes for students?

If already comfortable with energy - STRONG tendency to fall into old patterns, to wish to stick with the familiar ways. The vertical focus is new. MERGE and Channels UP are essential, and are new configurations. If you're new to energy awareness - "I don't have the gift" thinking blocks the "I can do this" realization. Step past giving readings or leading meditations:CLAIM your ability to allow Divine healing to occur.

Question Why don't I "get" the Guides' instructions of what to do?

Either your field is fogged, your alignment is off, the intention needs to be revised release attachment to outcome, or the instructions are not as you expect. This is true in sessions and in life. If you're "stuck," first clear the space: pulse the Vortex and Living Waters. Next refresh your alignment. More Upward-Rising Earth Energy ((UREE), deepen and lengthen the merge, channels UP. Go back to the last clear message. Re-frame the requests - heal "what this represents, to align with the Soul Plan," heal the root causes, rather than symptom relief. We aren't manipulating outcomes, we are helping to manifest the soul's Divine Plan. This heals the symptom! Relax, stop forcing, listen quieter. Messages can be subtle since energy is subtle. Notice how you feel. Be mindful of small signals. Over time, improve receptivity by changing your life habits.

Question How is this different from affirmative prayer?

Affirmative prayer on steroids. It adds energetic assistance, intuitive awareness (effective witnessing), and specific access to Divine HD healers. It adds a focused, detailed, interactive, progressive system to the power of prayer; we participate in the "giving." In addition, we are blessed with simultaneous healing.

Question How is this different from giving an intuitive reading or leading a guided meditation?

Much more powerful configuration: MERGED with subject, intuitive channels pointed UP, drawing up Upward-Rising Earth Energy (UREE). Be a strong vessel for Divine healing. Intuitive insights are present and valuable in the Lightworkers Healing Method, but provide less than 5% of the benefit to the client. This method aligns lives with their Divine plans by shifting energy during the session.

Question How is this different from other energy healing modalities?

Higher Dimension (HD) Beings aren't interested in manipulating energy; they only care about us living our Soul Plans. The focus on the Soul Plan opens up the full power of the Universe.

Question What am I supposed to be doing?

Be a channel for the Higher Dimension (HD) Beings, and witness the Lightbeings' work. Begin to work collaboratively with Lightbeings to create healing and growth. Remember "AMCAT": Align with Divine flow, MERGE with subject, Channels UP to the Guides, Ask for help with what the issues represent, be the witness. all techniques go here, and Trust with a proper close to create the Sacred Seal. Techniques are taught so you can recognize and apply them within the natural context of a healing session, when the Guides direct you to do so. The goal is to follow the GUIDES, not follow step-by-step protocols. Begin the Beguine.

Question What is my goal with this method?

To align each subject with his/her Soul's Plan. This is how we engage true Higher Dimension (HD) Beings rather than Astral Beings, and is what sets the Lightworkers Healing Method apart from other energy healing modalities. To bring health, happiness, fulfillment, peace, love, and JOY into the subject's life and our own lives by helping the subject heal on all levels, and become who s/he came into a body to be. Our Soul Plans are the best plans for JOY!

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