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Crystals & Gems

We stock a lot of beautiful gems and crystals and it can sometimes be overwhelming which ones to purchase first. We suggest start small and work your way up from there. A great set of healing stones to start with are the gems that make up what are known as the touch stones which allow you to do a basic chakra balancing for yourself or for others. Using stones on the chakras helps you to balance these energy centres and to open up to the unique qualities each stone carries. As the chakras clear and stabilize they draw the healing properties from the chakra stones. This enables the physical, emotional and spiritual self to become realigned. The 7 Chakras then become centres of light within your system promoting a sense of well being, relaxation and health.

Purchase 5 x Clear Quartz Stones, 1 x Amethyst, 1 x Sodalite, 2 x Blue Lace Agate, 2 x Aventurine, 2 x Citrine, 2 x Carnelian, 2 x Hematite and a Water Rejuvenator Disc for cleansing your crystals after use.

The 4 Clear Quartz stones are to be placed around the body helping to cleanse the Aura and create a circle of light around the body: 2 at the head, 1 at the feet, 1 in the righthand and 1 in the left hand. Place the amethyst and sodalite on the third eye, the 2 blue lace agate on the throat chakra, the 2 aventurine on the heart chakra, the 2 citrine on the solar plexus  chakra, the 2 carnelian on the sacral chakra and the 2 hematite on the base chakra. Lie in a relaxed state for 10-30 minutes. After completing the cleansing, place your crystals on the water rejuvenation disc to cleanse the crystals.

Tumbled Gemstones
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Note: Unlike other suppliers, we will label all of your tumbled gem stones before sending them out to you to ensure that you can identify each stone when you receive your order.

In the example shown in the picture to the left, the purchaser can identify each gem by comparing the identification number on the gem against the invoice which they receive with their order.

Crystal tuning fork The Crystal Tuner 4096 Hz (part of the Angel Tuners Set) amplifies the energy with which any crystal can heal, particularly quartz crystals, through sound vibration. Any crystal activated by the Crystal Tuner creates a bridge between the Cosmos and the physical body.