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Multiple Pendulum Chart -  Front Side

Multiple Pendulum Chart



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This chart contains charts for:

  • Food Suitabilities
  • Deficiency and Excess Chart
  • Colours and Rays
  • Dr Bach Charts (Flower Essences)
  • Emotional Psychological Charts (Negative states indicating)
  • Emotional Psychological Charts (positive states indicating or to embrace)
  • Shock - pre natal/natal / post natal
  • Gem Essences

A fascinating practitioner tool to uncover hidden aspects within your own personality or a fascinating insight into your patients in any natural health clinic.

Use regularly to 'stay in touch' with your inner world and move through life with grace and harmony.

In your mind, achieve a clear response for "yes" and "no".
Then utilise this chart to determine sensitivities / states / questions
Name the food / supplement /essences / emotional state in question.
OR: allow the pendulum to indicate underlying emotional states that are causing disharmony within you / your patient
Sitting with your question, begin to swing your pendulum in a circular motion to
begin the process.
It will swing towards the appropriate number / state on your chart.
Utilising your "yes" & "no" answers - double check if this is correct

Card Size: A4 size chart - laminated for durability - will last for years - double sided with instructions on the back sheet 

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Multiple Pendulum Chart -  Front Side

Multiple Pendulum Chart

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