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Dragon Tarot Card Deck


Dragon Tarot Card Deck



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The 78 card Dragon Tarot draws upon the rich imagery of dragons in all their historical and mythological sources. Thus the Dragon Tarot represents the fulfillment of centuries of research into the mystic symbolism of dragons throughout the world. This radiant deck brings together the magic and myth from cultures as diverse as ancient Babylon, Egypt, and China, to the legends of King Arthur, St. George, and Siegfried. Following traditional tarot symbolism, the Dragon Tarot leads the journey into the realms of imagination and self-discovery.

by Terry Donaldson and Peter Pracownik

Peter Pracownik is the forefront of the Visionary Art Movement. He created the artwork for many tarot decks.

Terry Donaldson is the author of several books on tarot.

CARD SIZE: 2-3/4" x 4-3/8" (78 cards in the deck)

ISBN: 978-0-88079-148-9 

Note: The actual cards are a lot clearer than the pictures shown. They also do NOT have a watermark (which appears in the pictures).

I just received this deck and already love it! The dragons are most elegant, intelligent, powerful but not *terrifying*! The
combination of dragons and Tarot symbolism may not always be clear for Tarot beginners, but Tarot folks who have a little imagination and love dragons will delight in this deck, and they will come to understand and value its unique messages. I did not care for the Celtic Dragon deck, think it's a bit sappy. By
contrast, Pracownik's work has sophistication and edge, and the dragons are just simply gorgeous.

This is a deck I have used daily over the years, the colours are vibrant and the message from the cards are clear as the artwork holds much symbolism and fine detail to allow yourself to find the unique meaning of each card. This deck allows for the reader to have fun with the reading as the all dragon deck has no people just wonderful dragons so it is for the true dragon lover.

This is the deck for those who want to explore the realm of dragons, it is for the fantasy lover as well as the dragon lover and for any who truly enjoy something a little different from the other decks as this offers vibrant colour and wonderful dragons to entertain you while you read these cards... the symbolism hidden within the cards will allow depth to the reading as well as keep you learning from the cards every reading.

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