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Mystiches Lenormand Tarot






Mystiches Lenormand Tarot



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The Mystiches Lenormand, or what is more popularly known as the Mystical Lenormand, is one of the many new versions of the Oracle deck cards that were once used by the famed fortune-teller Mlle Lenormand (1772-1843), the Sibyl of Paris. The deck got its inspiration from the classic Lenormand cards and was published in 2006 by AGM Müller.
Mlle Lenormand doing a card readingMystiches Lenormand is different from the classic tarot. Instead of the standard 78 cards, the deck is comprised of 36 cards. It does not have a Minor Arcana and have completely different card titles.
Regula Elizabeth Fiechter has worked with the Lenormand Cards fo more than 20 years. Urban Trosch painted the pictures with the classic Eitempera technique and has created captivating works of art with brilliant colors.

Mystiches Lenormand Cards

  1. The Horse Rider – News from somewhere far or via a visitor
  2. The Clover Leaf – Good luck, opportunities and wealth
  3. The Ship – Travel, good opportunities, exploration
  4. The House – Home, domestic affairs
  5. The Tree – Energy and health
  6. The Clouds – Complications, obstacles
  7. The Snake – Betrayal, lies, jealousy
  8. The Coffin – Illness, depression, or even death
  9. The Bouquet (The Flowers) – Contentment, recovery, healing, abundance of love
  10. The Scythe – Danger, break-ups
  11. The Whip (The Birch rod) – Fight, conflicts
  12. The Bird – Communication, messages
  13. The Child – Trust, sincerity
  14. The Fox – Disloyalty, treachery
  15. The Bear – Need for strength, power
  16. The Star – Success, reputation
  17. The Stork - Improvement
  18. The Dog – Faithfulness
  19. The High Tower – Protection and guidance
  20. The Garden – People, creativity
  21. The Mountain – Overwhelming obstacles
  22. The Crossroad - Decisions
  23. The Mouse – Losses and theft
  24. The Heart – Love, romance
  25. The Ring – Partnership, agreements
  26. The Book – Surprise, mystery
  27. The Letter – Documents, award
  28. The Gentleman – A man, neutral card
  29. The Lady – A woman, neutral card
  30. The Lily – Peace, tranquility    
  31. The Sun – Happiness, glory
  32. The Moon – Dreams, fantasies, emotion
  33. The Keys - Answer
  34. The Fish – Independence, wealth
  35. The Anchor - Stability
  36. The Cross – Pain, misfortune
The Fool is given the number 0.
Weight (oz/g)
Card Size: 9.3 x 6 cm (3.6 x 2.3")
Deck Size: 9.3 x 6 x 1.8 cm (3.6 x 2.3 x 0.7")
2.5 / 72

Includes 36 Cards and Instruction Booklet

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Mystiches Lenormand Tarot

Mystiches Lenormand Tarot

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