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Chinese Wealth Ship Laden With Treasure






Chinese Wealth Ship Laden With Treasure

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This is a replica of a Chinese Ship loaded with treasures - Gold ingots and coins. Back then, Chinese ships or junks were the main means of transportation for gold and treasures from successful tradings and conquests and hence they possess the symbolic meaning for the purpose of sailing in lots of wealth and fortune.

The four Chinese characters on the sail translates to Smooth Sailing in All Your Endeavors.

The wealth ship is one of the most popular Feng Shui wealth enhancers and can be seen in homes and business premises of business tycoons and CEOs in oriental countries. This Feng Shui practice is essential for business and career success as revealed by Feng Shui Masters around the world. Many believed that a wealth ship laden with treasure placed pointing inwards to symbolize the ship returning home triumphant from its various conquests had helped them multiply their inflow of cash and thereby created abundance and wealth for them. Never point a Wealth Ship outward or your wealth will be flown away! The idea is to depict the ship coming back from its trip bringing back lots of fortune and your home / office is the harbor where it will dock! You could have several of them in your homes or business spaces. You could also display the ship sailing in from your sheng chi direction based on your KUA number to enhance your personal prosperity luck.

A must for businessmen seriously looking to expand their businesses and bring in more sales and business opportunities.

Material Color Dimension (cm) Weight (g)
Resin Gold 16 (Length) x 17.5 (Height) x 6 (Width) 280

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Chinese Wealth Ship Laden With Treasure

Chinese Wealth Ship Laden With Treasure

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