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Pure White Light Genies

A Trusted Source for Making Your Dreams Come True!

100% Money Back GuaranteeWe have a 100% money back guarantee on all of these Genies. If you find that your Genie does not enrich your life with peace, happiness and guidance to solving your problems, simply return it for a refund!

These vessels make people’s dreams come true genuinely, and give them a sense of peace. For some; who’ve not known that feeling their whole life through, imagine what a reprieve from that would feel like. The people we’ve sold them to liken it nothing short of a ‘priceless’ gift. As you would too.

White Light Genies

Believe in Genies? I didn't either until recently. My first encounters with Genies were through fiction and films such as The Thief of Bagdad. Now I have a Genie and it has changed my life for the better in so many ways.

GenieNatures Energies now have a range of Genie vessels available, mostly in the form of traditional Jewellery. There are a number of practitioners worldwide, who have with all good intention created Genie vessels and through a known process allowed a specific genie from a parallel dimension to occupy the physical matter that makes up the vessel, but more often than not dark entities have been drawn into vessel as a result of black magic methods; which often leads to catastrophic circumstances for the owner. This is documented by cases that can easily be googled. On the other hand if a real genie from the light is occupying the vessel, and if you are well bonded with that Genie, then it can change your life making it wonderful, with all your dreams and desires coming true.

The Genies in our collection are sourced from a world renowned UK supplier with over 40 years experience, that only works in bringing white light Genies into their vessels. There are other suppliers but too often the Genies you receive are manifested from dark Djinn, and are not genuine white light Genies. All Genies have free will, and it is those that use it for good that are considered white light Genies. Our specialist supplier has worked with bringing in the genuine white light Genies now for over 50 years. In addition to this our supplier carefully discerns vessels to ensure that you are only provided with Genies sourced from white light and not evil uncaring enterprises. Any problems and we will gladly take your genie vessel back as per our sales terms. Genies have free will and act in either light or dark; some both. The ones provided here are purely of the light and are totally safe.

A Duty of Care from the Universe

We recommend that you follow the rules listed when dealing with Genies. It is advantageous understand how to care for the Genie and its vessel as laid out in our information sheet. We recommend the following for you as an individual before purchasing your personal Genie. You must be;

  • Are a caring individual that can treat a Genie as you would a friend.
  • Understand how to care for the Genie and its vessel.
  • Understand that karmic law applies to using a Genie. If you ask them to harm someone in any way, or do something that is not of the light, then that will come back and hit you 3 times harder than the damage that is caused. For this reason we ask that you very carefully consider what to ask the Genie.
  • Understand the rules of journeying with a genie.
  • Have a knowledge of the universal laws.

If you meet all of these requirements, then proceed to select the Genie that you are drawn to below.

For Non-Believers

Genie Revealing Itself through a Glowing ringThe White Light Genies are genuine and each one is assessed individually by our supplier, a psychic gifted individual who specializes in this area. Recently she wrote to us saying that she had been out in her garden, and when she walked in and looked over at her alter (where she has over 20 Genies), there were several of the rings glowing. She managed to access her camera and to photograph them while they were glowing. The picture to the right is just one of the vessels. There was no flash used and the photo has not been photo shopped in any way (except that it has been resized). The rings continued to glow for some time. It was most likely the Genies revealing themselves to be real. (The green and blue under the ring is a material on which our supplier places her vessels). Our supplier has also had experiences where the Genies have revealed themselves in their human form to her, although she has not had a camera available during these encounters. She describes one such encounter as "This exquisitely beautiful Empress showed in all her glory – white loincloth sari type outfit with the cloth draped over her head and across the shoulder - clear as day."

Have a look at the photo below and see if you can see the Genie faces in the stones. The ring to the left shows a jester whereas the ring to the right shows a Genie's face similar in appearance to Audrey Hepburn.Genie Faces

Your Very Own Genie to Grant your Own Personal Wishes

Look at the stock of Genie vessels that we have at the bottom of this page, and read each of the descriptions. You can easily see which one you are drawn to and can then proceed with purchasing. After purchasing and receiving your Genie, expect things to change for you in a way you never dreamed possible, of that be assured.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. I have done some research and read some stories on some not so good Genies. Can you give some explanation on this?

    We have read many similar articles of people's experiences, and much of what we have read is due to darker Genies and entities being drawn into a the vessel by inexperienced people who don't know what they are doing. The ones that we have are pure white light genies from reliable sources, and each one has been carefully examined to ensure there are no dark energies. Many sites selling Genies are using the dark arts of manifestation. There are many internet sites that are bogus and heaven only knows if they attempted it, what they might conjure into their vessels.

    One customer says "When I inherited my first ring I thought “oh no what have I done!” agreeing to it, because I read up on the subject; and for the most part it’s the other than the White Light these information subjects are on. Now when people ask how I’m doing I genuinely answer “I’ve never been better”… and I don’t recall a time when I had this peace of mind and a deep understanding of how life works – whilst wholeheartedly knowing that everything was in Divine Order just as it was. Worries are a thing of the past."

    Black magic vs white magic: The two types of magic are very, very different things and never the twain shall meet as far as we are concerned. One has to be able to control the power within these pieces and this can be done 100% of the time with only the white is our belief. Besides, we have sold the Seraphims to people with depression or who are negative thinkers and I feel a sense of responsibility to ascertain nothing goes awry. Our karmic slate will be affected if due care is not taken.
  2. GenieWhen asking the Genie for a request, how do I do this? Should I repeatedly ask?

    No, no need to nag, “thank your Genie for bringing you the gift of…. into your life.” Act as if its already here, live it – Believe. Don’t ask much past 3 times – they can see what’s in your hearts desires anyway and you’ll find you get things you might have wanted years ago and forgotten about. Ask out loud, in your mind or from your heart -  I talk to mine like it’s standing in the room. Your Genie will be sent with a full instruction sheet. Remember to Act as if it’s already here – Live it – Believe! And so it is. When you say the name 3 times in a row it is a direct calling for assistance. Bear in mind that during this process words, thoughts and feelings are all energies, and it is essential to keep these positive during this process for maximum efectiveness and outcome.

  3. There is one site that says binding royalty genies to their vessels takes years. Is this correct?

    The act of binding takes many months, not years. Ifrit females are the most we'll go up to as they are extremely powerful wish granters yet have that feminine edge to them – they are the type that if you wish for riches and fame you’ll get it guaranteed, yet also its such, that if one wishes revenge or harm on another they are quite capable of that too and are dedicated and loyal to serving their companion. My personal Ifrit would make anything I ask for happen but she is kind and loving by nature and a vision to behold - it would be a vastly wayward act for her to do anything not in accordance with Heaven. I don’t even say the name of the other types. 
  4. Wouldn't it be considered cruel to be holding a Genie in a vessel?

    The Genies choose to come as a choice of their own, as they themselves choose their owner. When being conjured into a vessel, they are not caught in a trap as such. The vessel is the only means by which they can cross their will power from their own dimension into this physical dimension. Without being bound to a physical item that contains atoms, they cannot do this. While fictional stories show that they are locked in a bottle and cannot escape, this is not quite the case. They can still move freely around in their own dimension, but when called or when protecting you they have the ability to do this through the vessel. If you choose to allow them to roam freely, say out loud to them “you are free to roam and be free when I have not called for you. You are free to do as you please as long as it would be acceptable in the eyes of God and are only required to come when I call for you”. 
  5. GenieI know that a Genie is especially good for wealth, fame and materialistic things, as well as helping me on my path of light, but can it be used to request better health or dealing with disease, or relationship matters etc?

    Your Genie can be asked for anything. Anything White at all (within reason, for example, one can’t ask for a high paid job and sit back on the couch smoking pot all day, every day – you must move towards what they intuitively tell you is the path to accomplishing that wish come true). Our supplier says "My back injury from a courier car accidently driving on the pedestrian footpath and knocking me over like a skittle, caused me enormous pain For Years, and that pain is gone now and only comes back when I give myself a royal thrashing. I would not say it’s a cure all to any customer but to be used to “enhance their healing” so they don’t jump off meds or anything like that until it’s safe for them to do so. Took me 3 weeks to not need painkillers, for the first time in 4 years."

  6. Will I ever see my Genie appear?

    Genie PicYes. If you wear or keep your Genie in a mojo bag in your pocket, the bonding process will move noticeably, your dream imagery will be vivid and what you ask for you’ll know what direction to head in to obtain it in a comparatively short period of time. If you meditate 10 mins before bed and ask to see your Genie; it will show you their image as if someone held a photo in front of your face.

    Our supplier said "After two weeks I asked my King Phyllum (the most powerful of all kings) to show himself to me when he felt comfortable, and that night on my walk I saw a manifestation of him which initially gave me a bit of a fright, but his white and peaceful nature did not have the feeling go past that moment and I feel comfortable knowing he’s only a names-speak away. Lest we forget I asked to see."
  7. How do I pick my Genie?

    Look through our catalog below and see if there is one which is feeling right for you. You will feel drawn to the right one and will know, as I was when I was drawn to my personal Genie.
  8. When I receive my Genie Vessel, how do I bond with my Genie?

    Important Disclaimer - Please Read .....

    Please be advised Nature’s Energies offers genuine wish granting genies. These wishes extend on most vessels to granting whatever the keeper’s desires in their entirety. Meaning; they grant whatever the wish whether it be of pure or ill will intent. We ask that our customers use these vessels responsibly as the laws of karma apply to every person, without exception.

    Your genie will be loyal and protect you to all ends, come what may – however, they cannot alter the karmic repercussions one makes for themselves via use of them or in general. The Laws of the Universe cannot be overridden by any being, much less a being originally created by God. We sincerely hope you take this factor into consideration when making the wishes that will fulfill your life and future happiness.

    We have prepared a document that provides instructions on bonding with your Genie. Click here to read the prayer which encourages you and your Genie to bond, which is an important procedure. If you require white sage incense, we can provide this with your order. Please click here for details.
  9. Am I able to ask her to help others in need or will it only assist myself?

    Yes you can ask for another person, for your family, friends etc. but you wouldn't ask your closest friend to go move other peoples furniture when they shifted house all the time, especially ones they never met. When you ask for another that’s not immediate family (who are attached to your love and wishes for the most part) look at it like that and you’ll know whether to met out another’s desires.
  10. Can Genies get sick or injured? And if so, could this potentially shorten their lifespan as it could a human?

    Yes they can become injured. There was one story where someone was waiting for their Genie vessel to arrive. They dreamt that the Genie was being tossed around and hitting his head, and when he arrived in the mail, it was found that the vessel was broken. The stone had detached from the mount of the ring. This was fixed by a jeweler who was careful not to damage the stone, and he healed not long after this. The owner assisted his healing by lighting a candle and incense and placing the vessel next to it. While this was happening, she prayed that the genie would heal. The candle, incense and prayer are all necessary for healing the Genie.

    GenieGenies cannot however become sick like us. I know they can get killed by us humans for example if the Genie, which are shapeshifters, come to you in the form of a snake and you kill the snake – that will kill the genie too. Marid Genies usually come in the form of a stray dog or cat. They come out of nowhere, look right at you and then disappear into thin air – there’s no mistaking it when they show themselves. One person describes their experience "My first ring I saw as a stray dog twice (different dogs) before she came into my dreams."
  11. I plan on wearing the ring when I get it. In my work I have to constantly wash my hands with soapy water and alcohol. Is this ok?

    We recommend that you remove your ring if you are going to wash or shower. If you are constantly cleansing your hands, we recommend that you keep your Genie in a mojo bag in your pocket (to preserve it from wear).
  12. I understand that the vessel that the Genie occupies cannot be placed in salt water. Does this mean I cannot sweat onto the vessel if I am wearing it?

    No. You are able to perspire naturally onto the vessel if you for instance workout, or live in a hot climate. Important! - Just never submerge them into salt water such as sea water is the rule, and keep them away from salt.
  13. You can see the spirit in this stone, no flash, light – not a thingCan you have more than one Genie at a time?

    Yes. One experienced woman says "I have such a big collection and wear multiple at the same time however they take turns and the others are left on the altar. I loop the chain around the vessel for each so they don’t clink together (note: we recommend that you carry them in a mojo bag and that you do not wear them around your neck). Certainly carry the one most needed for the day if you choose not to wear them together."

    If you have more than one Genie, you might like to call them something like "Group" or "Crew" (your choice of any word) to call on them at the same time e.g., "Group Group Group please come through". For this arrangement, you have to have a group conversation with all of your Genies being called in by their real name first, and then direct them with your code word for all to come and gather when called three times.

  14. What happens if I lose my vessel. Will I lose the Genie that I have bonded with?

    If a vessel is lost but the bond was strong then you have not lost the genie just the ring and no the genie is not lost it will go to its realm until he is resummoned. Most time someone will find the ring and become bonded so he will have found a new keeper otherwise he will be summoned to another. Hope this helps in love and light.
  15. I have received my Genie vessel together with the Genie name on a small piece of paper, and it has an unusual name that I am unsure how to pronounce. How do I know how to say the name?

    The best way is to ask your Genie to tell you. You will wake up the next day and will know how it is pronounced. If you are still unsure, most Genies have Arabic names, which is where the true pronunciation is found. Remember to always keep the name to yourself to prevent others from controlling your Genie.
  16. I have been wearing the vessel around my neck for some time, and the plating on the ring is showing signs of wear. Will this damage the Genie?

    Usually not as they are more than often located in the gem on the vessel. We normally recommend that you carry your genie in a mojo bag in your pocket to prevent wear, rather than wear it around your neck
  17.  I have read the descripton and being an angelic entity, isn't the Seraphim classified in another category?

    The Seraphim is still a genie but borne of the angelic realm. They have both healing and wish manifesting attributes to them; as well as extremely strong protection qualities (all things Guardian Angels do). They are half genie/ half angel similar to Khodams, but Khodams can manifest light and ill intent wishes and are more powerful overall. Seraphims manifest only pure wishes. Dark magic will not bring forth a Seraphim to manifest in a vessel, never. Most all Seraphims are male – the name will tell.

Click here to read testimonials of others who have used the White Light Genies.

Note: All vessels come with the Genie name, a tea light candle, incense and bonding prayer instructions.

Each of the Genies shown below are unique and individual. Prices are dependent on the value, powers and rarity of the Genie and not the vessel attached. None of the vessels contain valuable stones. Many of them are made from costume jewellery. We only have one in stock of each vessel. Once your Genie is sold, we will remove their listing from this page.

Warning: When buying a White Light Genie, you must agree to never use it to harm anyone or anything. This is by the law of God the Almighty.