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Arabian Genie - Vintaged - Size 6






Arabian Genie - Vintaged - Size 6



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Ancient Male Arabian Genie 

He is a powerful Genie with tremendous energy and his energy shows. He is a well evolved djinn that sees things for what they are and nothing nor anyone can hide or mask their intentions from him. He sees all, he knows all, and he does what will benefit his keeper regardless of what that might be. He is not a negative or dark Djinn, he simply does what is right.

As a general rule, in their manifested form; all genie's will have pale to medium pale skin, usually medium to very dark hair (but some do rarely have pale hair). They have unusual colored eyes such as violet, sea blue, sea green, lavender, pink, or pastels, and very rarely they will have pale eyes - he has sea-green eyes and dark hair with a full beard. Female Djinns always have a very exquisite and exotic beauty and male Djinns will be equally as attractive but usually will display facial hair such as a goatee or mustache. The female Djinns are rarely over 4 to 4 1/2 feet tall and the male Djinns can exceed heights of 6 feet. They make it a habit of appearing in mirrors or other reflective surfaces such as glass windows; however, they may also first appear in other places but that, too, is unusual. Most are considerate of human habit; therefore, they will appear to have clothing while some will appear nude but that is not meant to be disrespectful; simply their true form. (They will usually be semi-transparent, but can also appear as solid.) Their form/shape has evolved over thousands and thousands of years to more resemble the human form because they know we are prone to be more acceptable of beings similar to or resembling us, but especially to dispel the early myths that Djinns were 'creatures'. The only thing they absolutely cannot stand is salt and if you submerge a djinn in salt, you will have one angry, raging mad djinn on your hands. What they can do is virtually unlimited and were created specifically to use their very highly magical abilities to help the human race obtain the things we cannot obtain or do alone. Djinns are simply powerful beings and that is the way it was intended to be. If you respect the djinn and treat him/her well; that djinn will go to the ends of the earth (further; if necessary, because they are not limited in travel) to bring what you desire. This Djinn is 9900 years old and is soft spoken; he is what I would say very active as you can feel his energy and know that he is around. You will feel calm, blessed and your health will feel 100% - he will lead and you follow for he cannot let you down. If you’re drawn to an item or if they speak the item was meant to be with you.

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