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Yellow Genie Tower
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These rare pieces are not only amongst the most unusual seen and available from a new find deposit of late 2016. They have been especially prayer-chanted under a minimum of 3 Full Moons as well as the Lunar and Solar Eclipses of February 2017. The high vibrational energy these minerals hold is amazing. The images alone show these pieces to be quite extraordinary in and of themselves, without the Supercharged-Bewitching that accompanies the energy field within each stone. These stones are truly like none other.

Your genie vessel would ideally be charged upon it whilst not been worn, or for your use on an altar. The Tower can be laid flat and pointed towards you whilst sleeping to heighten clarity and make more vivid your dreams. We offer Towers in these unparalleled energy ring stands. This is an opportunity to own something very unique; as no two pieces are alike and no other provider can duplicate the prayer casting blessed upon these minerals. These stones and crystals hold memory. Spiritual vibration stone natural technology has been used. Man-made University studies have shown with Stone Technology: 5 Quantum Energy generator charged with Tachyon Energy, (which is faster than light energy) and the frequency vibrations of the tree of life and NASA documented sound of the sun, like a dvd or hard drive does; they have trapped the healing vibrations of the Universe in a stone. We have achieved this same outcome naturally using spirituality based, minutely timed, vibrational energies.

Prayer Chants have been made specific to each chakra. Colors available are:

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Yellow


All pieces will be accompanied by a White Sage incense to clear it prior to individual use.

Upon arrival: We recommend you hold the piece amidst the lit incense smoke and say (at least 5 times consecutively) this chant out loud or in your mind:

“I cleanse this stone to make it mine – make it mine to help me divine”

Charging your stone under the full moon will continue to charge it for your lifetime to come, thereby stays the magic. 

Periodic (every 1-3 months) incense clearing is highly recommended. 

Note: Rings shown in the pictures with the towers are part of a private collection and are not for sale.

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Question Is the yellow tower citrine? If not what are they made from?

No not citrine. All Towers are made from Natural Quartz where by color was melted naturally through the rock.. Sourced from base rock as is, making them rare.