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Omnipotent Ifrit Queen Power Genie






Omnipotent Ifrit Queen Power Genie - Ring Vessel - Size 7.5



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This beautiful ring holds within it a secret power.  A power to change your life forever. Whatever you desire can become yours. NOTHING is out of reach for you. Do you want to be extremely rich and happy?  Do you want to fix past mistakes, and change the future? It can happen. It can all be yours!  There are NO LIMITS!  The Ifrit Djinn Queen is an ancient and omnipotent entity with limitless ability and power. She is a great protector and guardian, as well as a servant and familiar, offering up her servitude and granting unlimited wishes to her masters, for anything they desire. Whatever is asked of her is given, without exception. She appears in many manifestations, but often as a beautiful young woman with long, brown hair and bright blue eyes. EXTREME ENERGY, manifestation can be expected. Please use responsibly and only for good.

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