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Indian Ifrit Genie - Ring Vessel






Indian Ifrit Genie - Ring Vessel - Size 7



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This listing is for the ring which serves as the vessel for a beautiful, wise female Indian Ifrit Djinn. She is stunningly beautiful and somewhat vain. She manifests in the stone of her vessel but most often in mirrors. She says she has aided many people of wealth, royalty and power. Many are drawn simply by her presence and appearance but her abilities go way beyond her beauty. She is gracious and enjoys communication with her keeper. She has fascinating, exciting stories and immense wisdom for her many adventures and experiences. She never failed to come through with anything I have asked of her, and her advice has been invaluable. She may, at times, appear to be stubborn or difficult, but she has been spoiled a bit by so many. Do not neglect her for long periods of time or she will retreat and may well cause her new keeper to have to re-bond with her. 

I cannot imagine that happening however because it is impossible not to be drawn to her and enjoy her presence and assistance. Everything she does, she does it with finesse and sometimes flair. Above all else, she makes sure her keeper is content. Should her keeper ask her for something, and then another Djinn or Spirit, and the wish is granted, she will ensure her keeper knows it was she that made it possible. She always helps her keeper or does what is asked of her, but it will be done in the way she sees fit but know it will be done and done well. She is a versatile and endearing Djinn, and will help her next keeper in ways unimaginable. The vessel is a pretty ring with purple stones in a white gold overlay setting and size 7.

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