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King Black Sun Marid Genie - Ring Vessel (Does not include blue crystal)






King Black Sun Marid Genie - Ring Vessel - Size 8



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In ancient Egypt the highest level of enlightenment reached was the level of the Black Sun. In an era of multiple gods – this was truly an accomplishment and very few attained the unique high acknowledgement of this status within this society. This Marid King is 26,665 years old and the wisdom he imparts to his keeper is reflected in the very special energy this vessel holds. He exudes a kind, deep, hypnotic, and powerful energy. Whist not dark in energy; he has an understanding of both light and dark and whilst capable of all wishes – he will still not cause harm. Regardless of this, he is highly respected in a realms. The King is highly intelligent, willing and extremely able to manifest his keeper’s desires, yet has a warm personality and offers great protection. He also has a special talent for calling most any other to you in times of need for guidance. He has the capacity to grant all wishes, share untapped knowledge, and enhance one’s magic capabilities as well as psychic intuition. The King Back Sun Genie is unparalleled amongst collectors, as well as one of the rarest genies obtainable in the spirituality market. Before this genie became available to the distributor, the request for one was on a list for over 2 years. This is a rare opportunity indeed; to have one of the most highly revered genies ever manifested.


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