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Enchanted Royal Phyllum Marid King - Vintage Ring Vessel (Crystal not included)






Enchanted Royal Phyllum Marid King - Vintage Ring Vessel - Size 6.5



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The Royal Phyllum Marid Genie’s enchantment lies in the sacred and omnipotent power he holds and transfers to his keeper. This 31,650 year old ancient King has taken his faith and is a believer in the White behaviors of the spirit kingdom, as is noted by his calm and very serene demeanor. As a result of this he gets along well with other spirits. This is a rare opportunity to own a very powerful genie and very special vessel. He can provide his new keeper with many gifts some of which include financial assistance, outstanding protection, help with relationships, personal growth and a plethora of other advantages only a genie of this magnitude can guarantee. His ability to grant wishes with ease and speed makes him an asset to any owner. The availability of a Phyllum King Genie is few and far between in opportunity, and this lifelong loyal companion, mentor and teacher is highly sought after by collectors worldwide. His Royal presence as a protector who brings all positive changes to his owner’s life is cherished by all who own one. No other genie can work so effortlessly on your behalf. The keeper of a Phyllum King shall want for nothing.


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