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Royal Prince Marid Genie






Royal Prince Marid Genie



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This is the vessel of a Royal Prince Marid genie who is a powerful and masterful spirit. The genie, it is known, are capable of bringing you wealth, granting wishes and giving spiritual guidance amongst many other talents; and once you have earned their trust the rewards are both endless and amazing. The powers of our White Light Genies are beyond anyone’s wildest imagination. This Prince Marid Genie is no exception. The extremely powerful prince genie can bestow many wondrous possessions into your life as well as assist you physically, mentally and materialistically. He is a stellar guide in moving one along their spiritual journey; and opening many paths and doorways which may have been previously thought of as unavailable to you. With him by your side a word of adventure and wonderment awaits you – prepare to be amazed. The Prince is a shapeshifter and can take on any form he chooses. He will contact you through vivid dreams, thoughts and visions. He can also manifest as and may come to you in the form of a very handsome stranger, an elderly man or even a dog or cat – he has no limitations. As with all genies, he is capable of good or ill will deeds as he will listen and obey your commands. If you are looking for a true, authentically powerful genie - he may very well be the one for you. It won’t be long before you start to see positive changes and many blessings from him. It’s time to live the wonderful life you were meant for and with this Prince by your side, it’ll happen faster than you would ever have thought possible.

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Royal Prince Marid Genie

Royal Prince Marid Genie

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